• Tue30June 2015
  • Trails In Motion Comes to London

    I currently go to YouTube for two reasons. While the first is to rekindle my love with music, specifically 90s dance, my favourite bands from the same decade and French bands from the early 2000s, the second is to feed my current obsession – Trail Running – and once race in particular, the North Face Lavaredo Ultra […]

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  • Fri19June 2015
  • Join The Tribe: Buti Yoga At Gymbox

    No, it’s not a new make-up craze. I’m painting fluoro stripes on my face as I am about to embark on a Buti Yoga class at Gymbox, Stratford. Buti what? Buti Yoga that’s what. Not to be confused with ‘booty’, Buti Yoga draws on the disciplines of tribal dance, power yoga and plyometrics (or jump training) to […]

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