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  • 2016: Let The Good Times Roll

    Here I am, sat on my tod in my dining room writing my final entry of 2015 which I can only describe as a year of triumph, celebration, tears, anguish, achievements and disappointment. But then again, is that not the same for every year?

    Me and my bear

    The good things in life are free…

    So instead of dwelling on the fact that I can’t do the very thing that I love and enjoy right now (that’s running if you’re not a regular follower of my blog), I’m going to focus on how 2016 will be about letting the good times roll.

    Yes, I’m injured but I can still cycle and do certain classes, which is a world away from when I broke my arm back in the summer. And yes, the next nine months will be challenging what with a mega race in June and my Big Fat Italian Wedding in September to organise (at the moment it looks like the ceremony may be in Italian I’m gonna gave to scrub up on the old lingo) but I’m looking forward to putting as much energy into these two events as I did the wonderful and memorable race across the bloody Sahara

    Kieran Alger Marathon des Sables

    FOOD in the desert (c) Kieran Alger

    For what 2015 taught me, especially that epic time in the desert which I simultaneously loved and hated, is that while I may not be able to control everything that happens in my life, something that I find sometimes hard to get to grips with, what I can do is be prepared to let go of the things that are not worth the effort then focus on my main goals. So here we go, letting the good times roll in 2016 means:

    • Being more flexible in my approach to training – at the moment I have little other choice and I’ve been adding in a few Barre classes here and there over the past year plus speed sessions. I’ll always enjoy my long runs but there’s always room for manoeuvring.
    • Listening to more music – as a teenager I was obsessed by Melody Maker and then this interest whittled away. Now I rarely if ever buy music. In fact, most of the CDs in our home belong to my partner and some of his choices are questionable (as my dad described them “slit-your-throat”-style music). It’s time to rediscover music before our wedding playlist becomes full of obscure Indie rock or tracks by Deacon Blue.

      cycling bike at home

      Yay, fun times on my bike…

    • Dance. Dance. Dance – I’ve always loved to dance and have been saying for over a year now that I will get my future husband to at least know a few steps before our wedding so I’m on the hunt now for classes that break it right down. As our foray into yoga taught me, it’s not easy when you’re a complete beginner. If you get off on the wrong foot or it’s made to seem complicated from the start, it’s a no-go with the partner-in-crime. I know dancing lessons will be a hard sell and I will have to use all my negotiation skills but I’m a woman on a mission: our first dance will be more Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers than pissed and frisky teenagers at the school disco.
    • Sharing the Google Calendar – it’s a trivial point but we have a shared calendar that up until now was always diligently filled in by my partner but not me. Now I have a new phone, I really have no excuses not to let him know exactly what I’m doing from week to week.
    • Expanding my knowledge – I always loved school and enjoy learning new things and questioning ideas, something I don’t always apply to my professional life. It’s about time I did.
    • And staying happy –  bad stuff happens that can make you feel sad and depressed but put it in perspective and feel grateful for what you have. The past year has been a rollercoaster what with injury and finding out that people from my past have gone way too soon but life goes on.Don’t dwell for too long on things you can’t change. Take and learn from it what you can and most of all open your mind to new ideas so you can have the best year ever.


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