• Mon29February 2016
  • From Paris With Love: Comptoir Des Cotonniers

    So why go to¬†Comptoir Des Cotonniers? Because you’ll find pieces that will last this season and the next. Go to any French city and you’ll probably find a Comptoir Des Cotonniers in their equivalent of the high street because season after season, this bastion of French fashion provides its stylish French customers with a mixture […]

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  • Thu18February 2016
  • Injured runner? What to do for the best

    It’s been a tough week…no, it’s been an earth-shattering week. Let’s start way back Around the beginning of December last year, I hurt my ankle badly, so badly that I had to pull out of a marathon and drop down to a half. For about two to three weeks after, it was painful, swollen and […]

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