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  • 4 gym hacks you need to try

    Hectic at work? Just can’t fit in that hour-long gym session? Need to shop, make dinner, get ready for tomorrow before you even think about heading out to Pilates class? With only 24 hours in the day, there are a multitude of reasons we can find for why working out gets pushed aside. But what if you could shape-up without costing you one of the most precious currencies out there? Yep, you’ve got it time.

    In this fast-paced world of too-ing and fro-ing and ever-connectivity, it can often feel like the clock is against you. If your attitude towards working out is forget about it, then listen up. Here are 4 gym hacks or fitness hacks to slot seamlessly into your day.


    Cycle your commute

    1. Turn your commute (or part of it) into exercise

    Now I’m not suggesting you run the whole way to work, although I’m a huge fan of the #runcommute, but you could walk part of the way, cycle or even get off the bus a stop early. Not only will you arrive at work feeling brighter and less stressed, you may even find it takes you less time. Cycling, in particular, is a real winner on the time-front. A six-mile cycle will take you about half an hour? What with traffic and one-way systems, the same journey could take you up to 40 minutes in a car. Why spend the time in traffic when you could be taxing your thighs instead and kick-starting your day with a decent workout?

    Yogabomb at Hiitgirl

    Try a 30-minute Hiitgirl class

    2. HIIT it hard and fast

    If you want to get your metabolic rate up and really burn off some calories, try some HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training). This can be anything from squat jumps for 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest, repeat, to the dreaded burpee (an exercise that involves a squat, plank, standing up straight and a jump) for the same amount of time. All that matters is that you push it hard for those 20 seconds and then get back on it after 10 seconds rest. Find a 15-minute routine and you will sweat like anything. For inspiration, take a look at Sweaty Betty’s Hiitgirl video and you’ll soon see what I mean.

    3. Add protein to your diet

    As a vegetarian, I’m probably one of the worst for doing this although if you saw my rather muscular legs you wouldn’t think so. If you struggle to eat breakfast first thing or after you’ve done some exercise, try something like a ready-to-drink protein shake. You can buy them from specialist stores such as Multipower Sportsfood UK  and this one in particular is suitable for veggies (but not vegans). Now I’ve never been a huge fan of protein drinks and never actively buy them. When I do drink them, however, I certainly feel the benefits afterwards. Not only is my recovery a whole lot faster (less muscular aches and more movement), I also find that the 4pm urge for a sugary snack is heavily curtailed. On a side note, if you find it difficult to eat straight after racing (me, me, me), it may be worth trying protein drinks to ensure your body can recover properly. Please be aware that I am not a nutritionist and I’m only suggesting this from my own experience of running umpteen marathons.

    My elegant attempt at hula

    Hula hula hula

    4. Make fun of fitness

    Who says that exercise has to be boring? Go for a run with a bunch of mates and you’ll get a double-dosage of those feel-good hormones (from the running and spending time with people who make you feel good). Have a game of rounders, challenge your friend to a game of tennis, go on a cycle ride with your partner or simply try hula hooping with your bestie. Not only will you be working out but the time will fly by while you spend time with your nearest and dearest.

    What are your fitness hacks? Do you find exercise fun or simply a chore? Let me know below.

    This post has been sponsored by Multipower Sportsfood.


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