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  • 5 Activities I’m Itching To Try This Summer

    It’s tough being injured. Not only am I faced with runner’s envy (and the constant need to want to go up to people and tell them to stop running like a duck – I know, I’m mean), but there is also so much cool stuff going on right now I just want to lace-up my running shoes and get involved. Unfortunately, it will take time. And while I’m back on my bike and trying to do as many classes via ClassPass as physically possible (wedding day lockdown), I’m still building up to taking that step. So to keep me motivated and on the right track, I have come up with the top 5 activities I’m itching to try this summer.


      The wheels on the bus go round and round...

      The wheels on the bus go round and round…

      It was definitely a WTF moment when I opened an email from 1Rebel this morning. A bus – what? With spin bikes – what? That takes you from point to point and has a luxury shower and changing rooms at the end? Ride2Rebel is aimed essentially at livening up the London commute, enabling fitness fanatics and ‘Rebels’ the chance to take a class and commute to work at the same time. Yes, it’s a wee bit crazy and would probably make an even better PR story if the bikes powered the bus (more eco-friendly). Then there’s the question of how much of a workout you’d actually get if the bus goes from say Whitechapel to Angel…and you could also always cycle to work instead. Granted it’s gimmicky but I definitely want to have a go on what I’m calling the fitness fun bus. 1Rebel – sign me up please! (You can sign up here.)

    2. Gorilla Circus

      Gorilla Circus

      OBVIOUSLY this is what I’ll look like

      Every year I pass Gorilla Circus in Regent’s Park – the flying trapeze school set up near London school offering open air classes during the summer – and every year I say to myself I will sign up and do a class. Well this year, it’s definitely going to happen. Classes are booking up fast so I need to act pretty swiftly but flying through the air is one of my goals for summer 2016. Watch this space as I may even blog about embracing my inner ape some goodness know how many metres above ground. Gorilla Circus will also be running outdoor classes in Kensington Gardens this summer (May to September 2016).

    3. Fempower X Outdoor HIIT class, 22 May 2016
      Unfortunately, I’m not quite recovered enough yet to join what promises to be one hell of a HIIT class. How do I know it’s going to be good? Well let’s just say I’ve had a look at the brains and bodies behind Fempower. With people such as the magnificent Melissa Weldon behind it, you will certainly be put through your paces. The hour long class starts at 1pm which gives you plenty of time to wake up. And it costs just £10 or the same price as two drinks in most London pubs these days – I know what I’d rather spend my hard-earned cash on.
    4. North Face Never Stop London – it never stops

      Working out on bars

      Not exactly swinging on the monkey bars…

      They have got to stop teasing me with all they currently have on offer. From Tuesday evening North Face’s ingenious community includes everything you’d want from an outdoor playground. You can try Mountain Training on a Tuesday to climbing classes and even an overnight event which takes you away from the city to the great outdoors, they are definitely dangling a carrot in front of me right now and I still can’t quite reach it. Sigh. Anyway, if you are able to jump, run, climb and explore, you are definitely in luck. Sign up to the Never Stop London Facebook page (www.facebook.com/neverstoplondon/) to find out more – just don’t tell me about your adventures or I may have to cry.

    5. Best’s Bootcamp

      Be your Best

      Be your Best this summer

      The latest studio to open in London promises those who want to work hard a high-octane class that will push you to your limits. It may not sound that different from the rest but I’ve been hearing some pretty good stuff from my fellow bloggers who have already attended a class. Unlike certain studios, where it seems to be more about the numbers, Best’s Bootcamp seems to pride itself on getting the form and technique right – they even have a 360 instructor cam so you can focus on form and technique. And as someone who attends studio classes for exactly that reason, I think Best’s may be a pretty winning formula.

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