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  • #adidas26rs and the miles that make us

    Mornings colder than ice baths

    thick fog, head nods & ipods

    pickups, plyos, pb’s

    plus the long way home

    all for Jamaica road

    the highway and st james’

    the city is our stage

    the marathon is our mission

    and this is our club…

    Or so the story of the new #adidas26rs London running club goes.

    What is it? 

    They may have come up with one of the corniest of catchphrases ever “it’s the miles that make us” but #adidas26rs is a new running community or club inspired by the London Marathon.

    adidas 26er Running Club Copyright onEdition 2014©

    adidas 26er Running Club
    Copyright onEdition 2014©

    Based below the new London Marathon Store near Liverpool Street Station (1 – 3 Norton Folgate Bishopsgate London E1 6DB), “the engine room” is a space where runners with a marathon in their sights can hang out, share their running and marathon tales, learn from the experiences of others and, most importantly, take part in almost daily runs hosted by team adidas26rs.

    Lockers that can cater for my usual house-on-my-back rucksack Copyright onEdition 2014©

    Lockers that can cater for my usual house-on-my-back rucksack Copyright onEdition 2014©

    It’s worth noting that this isn’t an exclusive club where only marathon runners need apply; #adidas26rs is aimed at all levels, from those with multiple marathons under their belt to complete beginners.

    This is reflected in their (almost daily) schedule of training runs below:

    Mon: 1pm (5km)

    Mon: 6.30pm (5km)

    Wed: 1pm (Beginners 5km)

    Wed: 6.30pm (Beginners 5km)

    Thur: 6.30pm (10km)

    Fri: 1pm (5km)

    In the run up to the London Marathon, #adidas26rs is also hosting longer runs on a Sunday, from 9:30am.

    Sunday 30th March: (13 miles)

    Sunday 6th April: (8 miles)

    Check out the new #adidas26rs site for more details and to register.

    Club hub Copyright onEdition 2014©

    Club hub Copyright onEdition 2014©

    What does it cost?

    Only your time, sweat and energy but of course as a runner you know this already. You will not have to part with a penny.

    So it’s just another running club?

    Hell no, besides the daily organised runs, what is really impressive about #adidas26rs is the club house.

    Trying to hide at the launch event Copyright onEdition 2014©

    Trying to hide at the launch event Copyright onEdition 2014©

    I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch event, where none other than Scott Overall, Liz Yelling, Martin Yelling, Simon Freeman and a host of other inspirational runners lent their support and led a 5k run around  the Thames.

    Just another run along the Thames

    Just another run along the Thames

    If this wasn’t exciting enough (I can tell you, I am certainly in awe of Liz Yelling who pushed her twins in a double-buggy on the run, wow), then actually having a first glimpse of the dedicated hub to the #adidas26rs community showed they understand what a runner really wants.

    Charlie from therunnerbeans and I show off our marathon stars

    Charlie from therunnerbeans and I show off our marathon stars

    Somewhere safe to dump your stuff – cue roomy lockers that can fit a bike bag and more (hallelujah), toilets and, a plus point for me, showers so you don’t have to worry about sweating to the max. There are also a few extras thrown into the mix such as see me, try me, where runners can view the new boost trainers all artistically presented in a glass box display and give them a go on a training run. Speaking of presentation, the street art-style illustration on the wall was a real gem and the kind of thing you would easily see in Colette, the concept store in Paris, or some cool new gallery in Hackney.

    Amazing space (c) onEdition

    Amazing space (c) onEdition

    Let’s put it this way, it’s the first time I’ve seen something so considered in a running store and reminded me of the superb new Like The Wind magazine. In fact, the entire idea of sharing your marathon tales shifts the focus towards a more romantic view of running. One of stories, memories and moments, that you may or may not want to capture and treasure for life.

    I wanna be in your gang Copyright onEdition 2014©

    Great start Copyright onEdition 2014©

    The message is clear: it’s hip to be fit and runners are leading the way.

    Is there a catch?

    As I mentioned above, it’s FREE people. In terms of the runs themselves, I’m also not sure what type of level they are aimed at apart from beginners, something to bear in mind. From a purely selfish point of view, however, I wish they could transport the club hub to Covent Garden as it would be so convenient for #RUNches. Then again, it’s probably not the best idea as I don’t think they’d be able to get rid of me.

    Thank you to adidas for inviting me to the launch, it was amazing to run with such inspirational athletes and hear their marathon tales.

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