• Mon13November 2017
  • Balance: 3 Classes to Try in London

    With new studios opening, classes and opportunities to get your sweat on, you can never get bored by the fitness scene in London. So when it comes to finding a balance or switching it up, there is always something new to try. Here are 3 classes I’ve recently started doing once or twice a week, just to add variety to my routine.

    1. Metabolic London, Mornington Crescent

      Metabolic London

      Metabolic London

      Situated on the lower ground of the grand building opposite Mornington Crescent Station, Metabolic is hands-down one of the best classes in terms of strength and cardio training. Offering seven different classes: Metabolic signature, Meta-Row, Meta-box, Quick Hiit, Viking Method and Calisthenics, you’ll never get bored and your body will thank you for keeping it guessing. As I found out when I tried Metabolic signature and Meta-Row.Both classes start out with a few warm-up exercises of the functional variety such as bodyweight squats and lunges. Not too tough you tell yourself but they soon progress to a HIIT, cardio and weights session. In Meta-Row, for example, the class is split into two. One half work on the rower while the other half take on exercises such as medicine ball wall toss, press-ups, kettlebell swings etc…The groups then switch. After completing this section, you then move onto the final section of the class, which could be anything like walking lunges with a pyramid of burpees for 5 minutes. You finish the class satisfied and dripping with sweat. Classes start at £20 but get cheaper if you buy in bulk.

    2. Versaclimber, Sweat by BXR, Marylebone

      With swish changing rooms, a Joe and the Juice bar plus friendly staff, Sweat by BXR is the ultimate in luxury fitness boutiques. And I love the versaclimber classes as it works your whole body. The machine itself may look odd, a vertical machine with steps and handles, but boy, once you’ve got the hang of it, you feel like you’ve worked out your whole body. It’s up to you how hard you go on the pedals and handles but the instructor ensures you make the most of your 45-minute session. You could be only working on your legs, or go for it one-handed, or even speed up your steps, according to the instructions. It’s also less impact than running, so you can get your cardio in without putting too much stress on your joints. The introductory offer is not too bad, £30 for two classes. Try it and see. But be warned, you may get hooked.

    3. Louisa Drake Method, The Detox Kitchen, Fitzrovia

      This newly refurbed studio may not have showers but it’s certainly friendly and the perfect escape from the busy West End. Fusing cardio, resistance training, conditioning and stretching, the Louisa Drake Method is a welcome change from classes that focus on HIIT/ Strength. You can choose between Shape Changer, Barre, Reset, Sculpt, Flow and Cardio. I’ve tried Sculpt and Barre, both of which I enjoyed because they used dynamic Pilates and Barre techniques to home in on those small and hard-to-reach muscles. The aim is to lengthen and strengthen rather than bulk up your body and you’ll feel the difference after a few sessions. With classes ranging from 30-55 minutes, you can find a class to suit your schedule. The prices reflect the time spent in studio, starting at £12. You can also buy a variety of class packs. Go to https://www.louisadrake.com to find out more.

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