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    New season, new kit (or that’s how I justify it to myself) and you can not understand how excited I was to receive an outfit from the new kid in town: LIJA.  Pronounced “Lee-jah”, this brainchild of Canadian Linda Hipp and gift to women who love a challenge is a fusion of fashion and fitness so as you can imagine it’s right up my street.

    Whether you’re after a kit for the studio, golf, tennis or running, LIJA is for every woman who loves to look good while they’re doing their thing. Now I’m not going to continue with my gushing praise without outlining the reasons why LIJA has won me over.


    EVA_jacket LIJA

    Just love this gold jacket


    Without further ado, here are three reasons why LIJA motivates me throughout my active endeavours:

    1. LIJA is effortlessly on-trend

    You see that gold jacket, yup the one I’m wearing everywhere because as always metallic are on-trend for summer didn’t you know. You only need to look at Albert Elvaz for Lanvin’s SS14 collection to see glossy and gleaming outfits made out of iridescent fabrics. And since this LIJA gold jacket makes such a statement, I’ve added it to my staples for this spring/summer. After all, who says functional can’t be fashionable?

    I really do love this gold jacket

    I really do love this gold jacket

    2. It’s not just about aesthetics

    When it comes to sportswear ultimately you’ll looking for something that performs or helps you perform better without having to worry that a) you’ll get too sweaty or b) you’ll end up with chafing under the arms, on the thighs and anyway else you can possibly imagine. LIJA is created using high-technical fabrics that provide everything you’d expect from modern sportswear. Take the top I’m sporting in this photo. The fabric is both moisture-wicking and quick-drying so I can just get on and sweat. And since the fabric is cut in such a flattering way, it doesn’t cling to my body. The result is I feel super-comfortable wearing and don’t have to worry about it riding up and down my belly.

    3. It’s all in the detail

    What really struck me about LIJA wear is the detail. Not only are the running leggings flattering (mine are called Dash, £70) they also have a breathable mesh around the calf area and come with eye-catching pink piping and gold dots. Not only do they look good but these features are also reflective – thumbs-up from me. They are so comfortable to wear and have pockets (thank you) for gym cards etc…And they sit comfortably around my middle thanks to a thick waistband, which means no having to constantly worry about them bagging or falling down when I’m out on my run.

    Bit of a rubbish pic but you get the gist around the detailing

    Bit of a rubbish pic but you get the gist around the detailing

    The gold jacket (known as Pulse, £90) comes with two pockets to stash all your important items and a drawstring waist and is made out of quick-dry fabric. It’s also built to be folded and stashed away for any occasion (and I’m talking any occasion).

    In terms of tank tops, there are plenty to choose from. My particular Studio black top (£50) has a gold drawstring bottom so you can adjust it to fit. Again this detailing follows through the ultimate aim of LIJA: to help you look and feel awesome.

    It certainly kept me cool at Be:Fit - in all my LIJA gear

    It certainly kept me cool at Be:Fit – in all my LIJA gear

    And boy do I feel awesome in my gold and black outfit. I’ve even worn the gold jacket to work. In fact, I’ve been trying to sneak it into my day look as much as possible, I mean, why on earth wouldn’t you?

    In terms of sizing, I’m normally a size 8 and the XS-S fitted me well.

    Alongside catering for the running me, LIJA also have kit for the Yoga me (when I go), the tennis me, the Studio me and the golf me (never say never). Yep, LIJA is made for women who love fitness period and definitely one to watch.

    And you don’t have to jet off to Canada to find it. LIJA is currently available in House of Fraser.

    I’d say the price points are competitive. The gear is so well made and straddles both fashion and fitness so it’s worth investing in. If I was going to work out cost per wear of my gold pulse jacket, it would equate to being free right now and that’s saying something from a girl with a wardrobe stashed with clothes.

    LIJA in London

    LIJA in London

    What do you think of the new LIJA activewear? Pretty smart, huh?


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