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  • 5 top spring/summer beauty tips from a top Team GB duathlete Charlotte Harris

    If you’re a nature-loving fitness fanatic, who loves nothing better than getting outside especially now the weather is looking up, then pay attention now. You may find that the change in season causes havoc with your beauty regime. From breakouts and dry patches to cracked heels and frizzy hair, it can be difficult to keep on top of these problem areas.

    While Team GB duathlete and 2014 London Duathlon ambassador Charlotte Harris may not have the answer, she does have some very sound advice for us fitness fanatics.

    And since the London Duathalon is now only a few months away (Sunday 14 September people) , it seems about time to ramp up that morning beauty routine, so you can concentrate on being the best you can be in all senses of the phrase.

    Here are Charlotte’s top 5 spring/summer beauty tips and some key areas that definitely need attention as the temperature rises:

    1. Suffering from taught skin? Drink up

    You know that after-shower feeling, when your skin feels stretched and tight? It may be down to that tough workout in the fresh air. Here’s what Charlotte has to say:

    “No matter what your sport, be it the gym, running or cycling, always remember to hydrate with plenty of water to replenish lost fluids. Not only will this aid recovery, but also ensure your skin stays looking fresh and banishes fine lines caused by dehydration.”

    Nuun tablets

    Nuun tablets replace the salts you lose while sweating it out

    On particularly hot days when you’ve sweated buckets (or are hungover), it can be worth adding a hydration tablet to a bottle of water to revive you. Charlotte adds: “I always use Nuun hydration tablets,£6, in my water – they contain electrolytes but very few calories and to top them off, come in loads of nice flavours”.

     2. Think feet first

    There’s a tendency for certain runners to ignore their feet and hope that the black toe nails, cracked heels and blisters caused by the constant pummelling will miraculously disappear, especially in time for a big brother’s wedding. Painting your toe nails on the night before said wedding is probably not the best idea.

    Instead, “Look after your feet they are vitally important for your running and deserve to be looked after.” Says Charlotte, “Blisters, black toe nails, hard dry skin, we’ve all had it; to keep on top of your foot health, make sure you have your trainers professionally fitted – this is vital. You can then keep those feet looking smooth and soft with Flexitol Heel Balm, £4.95.”

    Heal cracked heels

    Cracked heels are painful and a pain

    3. Protect your pout 

    Hands up if you wear lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm every day. Now hands up if you use lip balm with SPF when training outside. While you may remember to wear SPF on your face, your lips can sometimes be an afterthought. Charlotte advises investing in a really good lip balm with SPF if possible.

    “When you are out running or cycling in the summer sun, it’s easy to forget about your lips, as unlike winter you don’t run this risk of chapping. The sun, however, can dry lips out and even burn them during longer training stints, so make sure you invest in a good lipbalm. I would recommend Clarins moisture replenishing lip balm £19.00 with essential rose wax, well worth the money or Elizabeth Arden eight hour nourishing lip balm with SPF 20, £20.”

    4. Get to grips with your mitts

    Constantly gripping the handlebars of your bike or exposing your hands to the fresh air can zap them of moisture completely. But as Charlotte explains, you can treat your mitts while you workout.

    “If you use running gloves, invest in an intensive moisturising hand cream and apply as a treatment before adding your gloves for silky smooth hands. Even if it’s summer this works a treat, so you can combine your beauty regime with your workout without trying. I use Udderly smooth hand cream, £5 – it’s even good for those cycling sore bits.”

    Wave bye bye to a frizz with Morocan Oil

    Wave bye bye to a frizz with Moroccan Oil

    5. Tame the frizz

    Wash more than that man right out of your hair – get rid of the dirt, grime and sweat that you’ve produced during your workout (and don’t you feel good afterwards). But don’t forget to shampoo and condition afterwards.

    “Even if you are in a rush after your training, it’s important to use a good conditioner as working out regularly can mean you are washing your hair more than usual. To avoid dry, frizzy hair, I carry with me Moroccan oil, £13.45. Wet or dry hair, it’s amazing!”

    Charlotte Harris will take part in London Duathlon 2014 in Richmond Park no Sunday 14 September. It’s a fantastic and well-organised event with charity places still available for the Super Sprint (5K run, 11K cycle and 5K run), Sprint – (10K run, 22K cycle and 5K run),Classic (10K run, 44K cycle and 5K and,Ultra (20K run, 77K cycle, 10k run). I’m going to be there attempting the Classic (eek), so why not come along too?

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