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  • Beauty trends from the 90s I hope never come back

    The idea for this post came to me when I saw in Stylist magazine (dated 26 November 2012) that visible lip liner was rearing it’s ugly head at the Vivienne Westwood A/W show. There is no way that the trend, as seen on Pamela Anderson in Baywatch, will ever catch on again – well, not if have anything to do about it. It got me thinking about the other beauty trends from the 90s I hope never come back.

    From Sun-in to henna tattoos, here’s the low-down of my blast from the past beauty sins.

    1. The bindi
    As seen on: 
    The girl we all wanted to be in the mid-90s, Gwen Stefani.
    Our memories, they can be inviting, but some all altogether mighty frightening sang the platinum-haired singer of pop group No Doubt. The same could be said about the bindi.

    When worn in context, e.g. at an Indian wedding or as part of traditional South Asian dress, this decorative statement looks stunning. But as an accessory to your usual disco gear, this sparkly dot can be misinterpreted as a spot – especially if you’re an acne-riddled teenager.

    And are you really going to wear one when you’re past the age of consent? I didn’t think so. Let’s hope the bindi never gets the chance to bedazzle us again.

    2. Body glitter
    As seen on: 
    Everyone and anyone at the under 18s disco (including the boys you got off with).
    Body glitter was to us what hair-straightening is to the youngsters of today – an absolute necessity if you’re heading out on the town with your posse.

    From sticking your hair together with gloopy dollops of glitter gel to sprinkling white/gold/multicoloured sparkles over inch of your body, the I’m-a-fairy look was all the rage. At best, you did at least fit in with all decor once a year (over the festive period) but you probably spent the remainder 360-so-days of the year trying to scrub yourself clean.

    While dazzle dust may still be on the beauty radar, full-on sparkles is best left to the Barbie Girl and Pop Disco Days.

    3. Pencil-thin eyebrows
    As seen on:
     The real supermodels.
    Forget brow-shaping and ‘framing the face’, the 90s were all about the pencil-thin barely-there eyebrow and the extreme measures we would go to for our little line of colour.

    Some would pluck, others would was and a few would shave (yes shave) their brows so they were virtually non-existent. Then the handy sharpened eyebrow pencil would join up the dot-to-dot puzzle.

    To say it was wrong to deny nature of its natural course is an understatement – just ask some of the victims of the 90s-brow who are now suffering the consequences.

    God bless Benefit for Brow-zing and even those Desperate Scousewives for making the eyebrow once again a feature to shout about.

    4. Henna tattoos
    As seen on:
    Madonna during her ‘Frozen’ phase.
    It was cool to be seen with a henna tattoo in the mid-90s – no really. It was like saying I went to Camden Market without my parents and have the proof on my arm, ankle, wrist, leg, shoulder or wherever else you let the artist paint the stuff onto your skin.

    It did look ok for like the first day or so but then your butterfly or symbol you choose in henna began to fade and all you were left with was a few splodges as a reminder of pocket-money washed down the drain.

    5. Sun-In
    As seen on: 
    Geri Halliwell aka Ginger Spice.
    Prior to X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and all the other mediocre casting reality made-for-TV shows, there were the Spice Girls. And it was Geri Halliwell with her middle-parting and two blonde streaks that can be partly to blame for the Sun-In craze.

    For those who were born in the 90s, Sun-In was essentially a hair-lightener that you sprayed onto damp hair and then as you dried your barnet with a really hot hair-dryer, it would turn a lighter shade or two.

    Brunettes were the unlucky ones as they watched the Sun-In formula transform their glossy locks into a bright shade of orange. Did they succeed with their blonde ambition? I think not.

    6. Multicoloured hair
    As seen on:
    Goths and Rainbow Brite wannabes.
    Why just dye your hair one colour when you can have them all? While the blonde brigade was pre-occupied with lightening their locks, there was another group who went all out in colour.

    Whether this meant gluing fake hair extensions to your real hair so you’d have a clump of dried mess at your roots or streaking a strand with Collection 2000 hair mascara, turning your locks into a kaleidoscope of colour was as easy as learning the alphabet. And the best thing of all, it was only temporary

    It only took a few minutes to make yourself over from schoolgirl to Disney punk princess – and that should explain why we don’t want this trend to return. It’s perhaps best left to our teenage years.

    Do you have any beauty sins that you can remember or any pictures to share? Let me know and I’ll post them up here.

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