• Sat15February 2014
  • Bring on #boostLondon and brighten up those Parkruns in adidas

    Brighten up London in adidas

    Brighten up London in adidas

    As London Fashion Week begins to unfold, the latest news that trainers are making the headlines is music to my ears. As a fashionista who can’t walk in heels, this is my moment to stand out. Especially now I’m the proud owner of adidas’ Supernova Glide Boost.

    Not only do my purple pair tick the boxes on the fashion front – think the hot New Balance mixed with retro adidas – they are also pretty swift on the race course. As I have been discovering on my training runs and at a Parkrun with the rest of the adidas crowd last weekend.

    What are Parkruns you may say?

    Whether you’re a beginner runner or more experienced, Parkruns are an excellent way to keep up your training and your pace.  Held up and down the country, the 5k race starts at 9am, is free and is manned by a number of exceptional volunteers. It really is a great community to become a part of a reason to get out of bed on a Saturday morning.  Check out the Parkrun website to find one close to you. The Parkrun I participated in last weekend was five laps of Highbury fields. Granted it wasn’t the most exciting course but it certainly left me buzzing afterwards, especially in my new trainers and adidas’ London Marathon kit.

    Me on a parkrun

    Look, visible boost!

    The future is glowing…in orange

    As you can see from the picture, the new adidas Virgin London Marathon kit is bold and brightens up even the dullest grey day. Personally, I love bright colours and the combination of glow orange, solar blue and navy is fresh and reminds me for some reason of the tropics (very spring/summer 2013 but still on-trend now). Moreover, it’s really comfortable to wear.

    FORMOTION Motion?

    The running leggings are thick enough to keep your legs warm during the months of winter training and feature the classic stripes in solar blue plus a pocket large enough for your iPod and keys. Apparently they feature FORMOTION – a “design that moves with you when you run”. I’m not one for technical names – all I know is that they are soft, stretchy and allow me to move with ease. The glow orange fleece is also a handy piece of kit, especially when you’re standing round in the cold waiting for the race to start as we were on the Saturday morning. In fact, I was so warm after three laps that I had to strip down to the blue vest top, which has a very cool racerback details – those adidas bods have thought of everything.

    As with all the sportswear that design, it has real thought and technical detail behind it. They think about the end user i.e. me, who just wants something that allows them to run with ease without chafing or overheating. Despite my love of this particular kit, the real icing on the cake of their new collection has to be the adidas Supernova Glide Boost Shoes (they’ll set you back £100). They really are feather-light, fast and with enough grip to handle a few puddles and slippery surfaces. My little factoid of the day, when talking to others about running shoes, is the soles are made from Continental tyres (yep, I have conversations about this). And as I said before, they look pretty awesome too.

    Join the #LFW crowd

    If you’re in the market for a good pair of running shoes that will see you through on race day, try a pair of adidas Supernova Glide Boost. Even if you’re not a runner, these comfy trainers should be up there with the best of them in the fashion charts.

    I’m tempted to wear them with my spring dresses but know I should really wear them for the actual purpose they were made for – to help me smash my PB in 2014. Bring on #Boostlondon.

    What do you think of the new adidas Virgin London Marathon kit?

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