• Sun28February 2016
  • 4 Chair Exercise Videos To Try When Injured or At Work

    Injury sucks, especially if you’re used to running anything from 6 to 26 miles a day. Suddenly your world is turned upside down and even shifting your body weight from your front door to the bus stop requires planning. But when life throws you curveballs, don’t take it on the chin; use it as an impetus to adapt and start focusing on other areas that you can do something about. Now I’m not talking about my Big Fat Italian wedding in September but how I’m staying sane while being virtually immobilised. After a few hours searching and trying to find something more suitable for my fitness levels, here are my pick of 4 chair exercise videos to try when injured or at work.

    Just remember to inform your colleagues if you’re going to try one of these videos while at your desk.

    Why I like it: The exercises are simple, repetitive and get your heartrate up fast. You can also adapt them by adding weights. Aim for 8-12 rounds if you want to push it to the max.

    The downside: Personally, I hate chatter on YouTube videos. You have to wait until around 2 minutes 12 to get started on this exercise video and stop it between rounds.

    Why I like it: This video incorporates some lower body action so it’s a great all-over body workout, and the instructors do the rounds with you. The exercises are also named, which can help, and there’s a weights and bands section to build up your core stability.

    The downside: Again the chatter – this video starts at about 1 minute 40. You may also need someone to help when it comes to the “rowing” section and there’s for love nor money would my partner ever stand there while I tried to mock rowing in front of him. Well, he may, but we’d end up pissing ourselves with laughter.


    Why I like it: Don’t be put off by this instructor’s attire. This uses exercises that target your core, arms and legs. You can choose to do them with or without weights and it’s pretty tough with added load.

    The downside: Some of the moves involve you having to move your legs which may not be possible.

    Why I like it: This video is 40-minute video out of my pick so this means there’s way more variation when it comes to exercises. You also use bands (or a towel) and weights. It’s not as technically difficult than the others and therefore more suitable for all levels of fitness.

    The downside: If I wanted to dance in my chair, I would. Some of the moves are too flowy for me but are a good starter for anyone new to exercise.

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