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  • Challenges: Day 5 of #Juneathon FRAME BARRE Class

    Otherwise known as if you need a fitness wake-up call, try hip studio Frame’s Barre class. Or to borrow the words from the lovely Duns On The Run, this class proves that Ballerinas are ‘bad ass’.

    Meet me at the barre - FRAME studio Shoreditch

    Meet me at the barre – FRAME studio Shoreditch

    The 45-minute or one-hour session of low-impact exercises will whip you into shape in no time, and you’ll feel it from the very first class as I discovered when I tried Frame Barre as part of #SBBloggerBootcamp on Friday morning at FRAME Shoreditch.

    Banish those bingo wings

    We started in the centre with a few moves based on the arm positions taught in Ballet but unlike usual classes, we were moving our arms holding 1.5kg weights. Now, I know what you’re thinking – 1.5kg that’s not much. True.  Just try doing arabesque-style arms 50 times holding them and you’ll feel the difference .

    Fire up the glutes

    Hello inner thighs, we haven't done this in a while

    Hello inner thighs, we haven’t done this in a while

    Then we moved to the barre for a series of plies or bending your knees while standing up tall and on your toes. Again, not that unusual for a dance class. But the number of repetitions made my legs visibly shake.  Another series of tendus (or leg lifts) and releves (rises) while squeezing soft Pilates balls fired up those glutes. Add on lifting legs merely inches away from each other and you’ll feel that burn.

    Whether lifting, bending or stretching, the amount of repetitions combined with the tiniest and most intricate of movements caused my muscles to ache and shake, as if they were working hard. And you know what, I loved it. I’m the type who simply loves to challenge my body because that is when adaptations happen and you become stronger.

    Banish the soft belly

    Gede shows us how it's done.

    Gede shows us how it’s done.

    The final part of the class was dedicated to the soft bit around the middle, yes, you guessed it those abs. With movements taken from Pilates combined with Ballet, those tummy muscles were targeted from just about every angle possible.

    Taught by the small and mighty Gede

    Don’t be fooled by the teacher Gede Foster, who teaches some of the classes. She may make it look effortless and is a real delight but when it comes down to it, she pushes your body outside of its comfort zone.

    Sculpt that bod

    You can see after only a few sessions the benefits of this class. For people who love cardio but hate lifting weights at the gym, Frame Barre is a good one for working those parts that don’t often get a look in. In every sense, this body-sculpting workout will challenge and push you.

    Thank you to Sweaty Betty for inviting me to and Frame for the absolutely awesome start to my fifth day of #Juneathon.



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