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  • Challenges: Day 6 Of #Juneathon Transition Zone

    Based in Palmers Green, Transition Zone is one of the most interesting and effective classes I have tried in a while. Not only did I come out feeling reinvigorated, it caused me to question some of my training. Should I incorporate more control-based work? Am I as fit as I want to be? And how can I tone up my podgy middle? Needless to say, I thought that the class and concept were definitely worth a shot if you enjoy pushing yourself and want results.

    Transition Zone

    Highway to the Transition Zone

    Founded by Sweaty Betty ambassador Claire Finlay, who is an inspiration in herself, Transition Zone specialises in four key areas: Power Plate, TRX, Reformer Pilates Chair and Boxing. You probably know what these all are but just in case, I’ve cobbled together a quick summary:

    Power Plate

    A machine that uses vibrations to speed up muscle contractions (30-50 contractions a second instead of the normal amount of one or two) so you can achieve a great workout in less time.


    Once you get the knack of TRX Suspension Training, which essentially means holding the two straps and embroidered loops taut throughout the workout, you can target and sculpt your entire body.

    Reformer Pilates Chair

    Already a hit in the States, the Reformer Pilates Chair is an adaptation of a Pilates Reformer and draws on the same concept of resistance via springs. Your job is to control the moving footbar and stop it from hitting either the floor or the stationary reformer seat. Transition Zone is the only place in London to have this exercise machine and it’s worth having a go.


    Learn the techniques of boxing and build muscle as part of an all-over body circuit. At Transition Zone, boxing is part of a 60-minute circuit class which includes TRX, weights, Power Plate and Kettle Bells. You not only multi-punch techniques and protocols, you’ll also build up strength and stamina.

    A fusion of four

    You can take these classes separately or do a combined HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session of either two or three of the different disciplines (Power Plate, TRX and Reformer Pilates Chair, Boxing). I have to tell you that the HIIT fast class of 60 minutes split into 20 minute sessions on Power Plate, TRX and Reformer Pilates Chair is really challenging.

    From building up a sweat on the Power Plate through squat jumps, lunges and essentially heart-rate rising exercises to isolating those muscle groups while trying to hold the bands taut during the TRX session, I came out of the session organised as part of the #SBBloggerBootcamp feeling like I’d had a really good workout.

    Demonstration of the Chair Pilates

    Claire makes the Pilates Chair look so easy

    The toughest part of this hour-long class for me was the Pilates Chair because you had to really concentrate, think about your posture and placement on the reformer seat and footbar, then slow those movements right down. It’s certainly trickier than it looks and after a few sessions, you’ll feel the difference.

    It’s also worth noting that the classes are limited in size so the instructors are at hand to help and consistently checking that your technique is correct.

    Recovery Café

    To ensure you feed your muscles post-workout, there’s an amazing recovery café in the studio where you can pick up freshly made superfood smoothies, juices and snacks. From Matcha Lattes to Chia Pots, this haven takes the stress out of ensuring you’ve refuelled correctly. And the food also tastes good, which is always a bonus.

    Any downsides? 

    As you’d expect, classes at Transition Zone are not cheap but I’d say it’s a pretty fine investment in your health. Another downside of course is that there’s only one studio in London. Please bring more good stuff like this to North London.

    North London people, are there any studios you would recommend? Please let me know below.

    Thank you to Sweaty Betty and Transition Zone for inviting me to try out this class.

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