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  • Challenges: Day 2 of #Juneathon at Psycle London

    It’s hip, it’s happening and it’s bloomin’ hard work – by the time your head-to-toe workout on a bike at Psycle Studios is over, you’ll be dripping in sweat and raring to go. Based off Oxford Street (Mortimer Street) and soon to open in Canary Wharf, the sleek Psyche studio is certainly inviting but what about the workout.


    They even have motivational stairs…

    Well, if you’re into your fitness and want to rev up your regime, you have to try a class at least once to see whether the combo of light weights and varying intensities on the stationary bike are your thing.

    Playlists that boost your mood and (take you back)…

    After my session today, I have to confess that Psycle won me over when the first track began to play. Forget Rihanna or Taylor Swift, the epic Paradise City by Guns’N’Roses is the way to get your legs cranking. This was followed by yet more music that I actually knew. There’s nothing like a playlist of songs you know and love to get you in the mood for hard and sweaty work.

    Love this quote!

    Love this quote!

    A class busting with choreography

    Besides the absolutely awesome music, the other reason I really enjoyed Psycle was because it was a challenge. Not only did you have to keep your legs moving, you then had to add in moves such as dips, press-ups, isolated legs and cycling one-handed (which really works your core). Psycle activates your body and your brain as you try and get your head around some of the choreography.

    Then to really push you to the max, there’s the track with weights. It’s astonishing how small simple weighted movements can wake up those biceps and triceps.

    A sprint follows as you let go and cycle as fast as your little legs will allow. And finally, the cool down to stretch out. You finish soaked to the skin but satisfied that you have pushed it hard throughout.

    Beginners welcome?

    Don’t be put off by the description about choreography, Psycle is aimed at all levels and you decide how hard you go in terms of resistance on the bike. Like most things that are new, it takes a while to get into the groove but once you’re there, you’ll enjoy moving to the upbeat tracks chosen especially to make you feel good.

    Shoes that you can’t just slip out of

    At Psycle everyone has to wear the cleated shoe as this promises to work the hamstrings and glutes harder, resulting in leaner legs (hmm, not so sure about that). A word of warning to beginners to these shoes, they can be tricky to get used to. You may find yourself having to take your shoes off rather than release them out of the pedals during cool down, which is made more difficult by the fact that sweat is dripping into your eyes. As you can tell, I’m not the biggest fan but then I’ve only had a go once.

    A phone-free zone

    Psycle make a feature of the fact that you should leave your mobile off or in the lockers in the changing room because they want you to be in the right mindset throughout the class. Leave the outside world behind, all that stress from work in the office and just enjoy your 45-minute head to toe workout on a bike. That’s a thumbs up from me.

    My verdict

    Sweaty mess

    Forget Sweaty Betty, I’m a sweaty mess…

    From the playlist to the variety of moves, Psycle will challenge you whatever your fitness level. While some of the choreography can be difficult to pick up, it’s worth giving it your best shot. I will definitely be returning for another very sweaty session.

    Massive thanks to Sweaty Betty for inviting me to a class at Psycle today as part of #SBBloggersBootcamp. To find out more about Psycle, go to www.psyclelondon.com.



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