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  • Checkpoints Race: get connected to win the ultimate prize

    The running world is a crazy place to be – with so many races to choose from it can be difficult to know where to focus your energy. And if you do have a goal in mind, say a spring marathon, what to do once you’ve crossed that finish line, got the medal and worn the t-shirt?

    All those months of training shouldn’t go to waste so why not channel your energies towards a new challenge? One that demands teamwork in order to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to race across the Alps in September 2015.

    Sounds intriguing

    Introducing the Checkpoints Race – a challenge that connects runners from all over the world to create a social running league. How? Well, the aim of the game is for  teams of five runners to work together so that they can potentially win a trip to an all-expenses paid final 24-hour relay race at the heart of Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps from 25 to 27 September 2015. Bringing together 50 winning teams from all over the world, it’s the ultimate prize. And if you’re not convinced about the fun of 24-hour races, then hopefully these posts on the adidas Thunder Run and the Spitfire Scramble will change your mind.

    Get your team together to earn Energy Points

    Get your team together to earn Energy Points

    Say what? I’m interested now

    To be in with a chance of taking part in this inaugural once-in-a-lifetime experience, you need to first encourage four other runners to join you. Don’t worry if you can’t persuade anyone as the organisers of the Checkpoints Race offer entry for individuals who they then put together. It’s your goals as a team to collect as many ‘Energy Points’ as possible from May 2015 to September 2015.

    How do I score Energy Points? 

    You don’t have to be the fastest or an endurance athlete to score Energy Points. In fact, this challenge is as much a test of your ability to gather your troops and supporters as it is about your running performance. There are several ways to earn points and while your workout in terms of distance, speed and elevation does count towards your Energy Points, so does encouraging supporters of your team to run for you (hello Team Naturally) – the more supporters the more points. There will also be a series of playful games throughout the five month challenge to keep things interesting.

    Hang on, where are these Energy Points kept?

    Once you’ve signed up to Checkpoints Races, you then download their app (available in Google Play and the Apple Store). This automatically connects to your favourite running app (Garmin, Strava, Nike+, MapMyRun, Runtastic, etc……) and keeps you connected to your team and your supporters. You’ll be able to see your team’s progress as well as where you sit on the leaderboard.

    Great, this will keep me motivated over the summer

    Indeed, it will and even if you’re a bit of a naked runner, the challenge and competitive spirit of the race may spark your interest. This global race has already been endorsed by running superstar Paula Radcliffe and is an interesting challenge to get involved in. It may also be a motivational push throughout the summer months to train while having fun.

    What’s the cost?

    You can buy a solo pass now for $15 or a team pass for $65, which seems pretty reasonable for a motivational kick and the chance to race in the Alps. There are also entries for businesses (boost your workforce moral) and charity places. To find out more, go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/checkpoints-race-the-social-running-league

    So who’s game?

    I have to admit, I’m tempted. I just need a few people to team up with me. Any takers?

    To find out more about the Checkpoints Race, go to http://bit.ly/CPR15-inF215


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