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  • City Trail with my Salomon X-Scream

    It’s a funny old life. One minute you could be sipping cocktails (or downing shots in a bar) and the next you’re talking running and everything that goes with it. Put simply, this is because you love to run. And when you’re not working, sleeping, eating, out with friends or occasionally visiting the Royal Academy or other art-related/bizarre ventures, you’re participating in some sort of heart-racing activity.

    Running is definitely in my top 10 of heart-racing activities but unlike the others in the list, running requires a few pieces of essential equipment. If you enjoy running and want to make the most out of your time on the road or treadmill, it’s always a good idea to invest in at least one pair of decent running shoes and Converse or Dunlop plimsolls do not count. You want a shoe that will support you and save your joints because you put your body through

    Now I’m lucky enough to be the owner of several pairs of running shoes, all of which have their own particular purpose. Besides my adidas BOOSTs, which I save for race day, my current squeeze are these pretty beauties.

    Salomon X-Scream

    I’m currently wearing these Salomon X-Scream trainers with everything

    Colourful and comfortable, I’ve received many a compliment about my pink Salomon X-Scream trainers. Not only can I get away with wearing them just about everywhere, they are also ideal for my #runcommutes in the morning and my off-road runs across Hampstead Heath at the weekend. For these training shoes have been designed for what Salomon call City Trails.

    Hopefully, you’re not always going to follow the same path or your runs will become a little bit monotonous. Come on, everyone needs to get out of their comfort zone sometimes. These trainers give you the confidence to do so because they have grip that is designed for multi-terrain and you don’t even have to tie your shoe laces. Yup, Salomons come with a one-pull lacing system – translated: you can slip them on and then tighten the ready-made loop using a plastic grip. They may not be as feather-light as my racing adidas BOOSTs but they fit like a glove and are not at all heavy. Believe me, I wouldn’t be wearing them all the time if they were.

    I better stop my current obsession with them as I really want to put them through their paces on some trail runs this summer. Perhaps discover more about the area in London that I moved to last August.  I’ve also signed up for a few trail races, so I’m sure these will come in handy.

    Salomon X-Scream

    Oh, look at that grip and fancy laces

    If you’re looking for a decent, road and trail-worthy pair of training shoes that will last, then you should really take a look or sign up for a trial of Salomon’s range of City Trail shoes. That’s right, Salomon are offering wannabe trail runners the chance to trial their shoes while exploring new routes. As well as finding out whether these shoes are for you (I really can’t fault them), you may come away from the run with a beautiful new route to try. Check out their website to find out a run in your local area.

    As for me, boyfriend permitting, I will be heading to the London-based one next weekend (that’s the Bank Holiday weekend) after completing my Westminster mile. Why not join me?

    What do you think of trail running? And does anyone know of any trails around East Finchley going North? Please let me know.


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