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  • ClassPass London equals flexible fitness fun

    ClassPass London

    ClassPass London

    Want to put some oomph back into your fitness routine? Not sure about committing to one studio? Enjoy the flexibility of trying out some of the hottest new classes in town? Now you can bypass all these workout conundrums and try out a variety of boutique studio classes (in London) to boost your performance without blowing your monthly allowance completely.  Oh yes, the Stateside concept called ClassPass has arrived in London which offers a pick-a-mix way to workout. And just like the sweet stuff you may soon become addicted.

    What’s the deal?

    Essentially ClassPass hooks up the best boutique studios with keen fitness fans who want the flexibility in the way they work out.  You may want to spin up a sweat on a Tuesday lunchtime, push it to the Barre after work on a Wednesday or attack abs before you feast your face at the weekend. However you get your fitness kicks, you’re sure to find a way with ClassPass.

    With over  100 London studios signed up including BOOM Cycle, FRAME, Project Fit, HiitGirl and Triyoga, covering six key fitness themes (Yoga, Cycling, Barre, Pilates, Strength training, Dance), you can find a class for every day of the week. ClassPass also helps members discover new boutique studios that may be just down their street and push themselves out of their comfort zone (Aerial Yoga anyone?).

    Too good to be true?

    It depends on how you look at it. The one caveat for the member is you can only do up to three classes a month (or what is referred to as cycle) at the same studio. But in reality this translates as around three out of four weeks (if you do a class a week at that particular studio).

    Additionally, not all classes from the chosen studios are available for ClassPass members as they select the classes which they offer spots for (this only seems fair on their part). You also find yourself questioning how the boutique studios approach the ClassPass members – are we simply fodder to convert? As long as there’s clarity that ClassPass members already belong to a club and may not want to be shown around the studio every time they arrive then it will make it all that much easier.

    The damage

    Now this really is the best part. The launch price is currently £79 per month but you can also lock yourself into a 3-month deal for £69 a month or go the whole hog and choose a 6-month ClassPass at 59 a month. You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out that this is a pretty good deal especially when you consider that gym membership in London alone can cost anything from around £39 to over £100 a month. It’s also worth noting that ClassPass works like a subscription service and automatically renews on the same day every month so you have to actively cancel if you want to. Going away for a month? You can hold the membership for just £19 a month.

    If you can’t make a class, make sure you cancel it 12 hours in advance or you will have to pay a £12 cancellation fee and no-shows get £15 (but come on, it’s only fair).

     How do you sign up?

    To join this fitness revolution, click this link and select the right option for you. And if you’re one of my readers from the US the lucky you as ClassPass is already available in multiple locations. Click here to find out more.


    ClassPass is already available all over the USA – if you’re Stateside, it may be worth checking out




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