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  • Core blimey, why Results with Lucy is more than an ab workout

    What is Results with Lucy?

    Not just another celebrity-endorsed exercise plan that’s what it is. Results with Lucy is a full-on online programme aimed at helping individuals to become healthier and happier.

    Results with Lucy

    Results with Lucy

    Tell me more 

    Unlike those exercise DVDs of old (there’s only so much you can do with a DVD), all you have to do is log into the website to begin your chosen programme, which for me is the three month 6 Pack Ab programme (Phoar!). Each month is separated into weeks: Month 1, week 1, Month 1 week 2, etc… and looks at two aspects of your life, fitness and nutrition so as well as working your body into shape, you can also feed your body the right stuff to help you tone up and feel better. The gradual small step style philosophy also means you’re less likely to fall off the fitness wagon and can progressively work towards your goal week by week. There is also a bunch of other bits and pieces on the website such as case studies and a magazine.

    So who are the people behind Results with Lucy?

    Obviously the Made In Essex star Lucy Mecklenburgh is the face behind the brand and she says in her intro that she wanted to share her journey to fitness and health with her PT Cecilia and Results Fitness and Health with others.

    Now if you ever get a chance to meet Cecilia, you can see why. Passionate about all aspects of fitness, she challenges herself and is always looking for ways to switch things up. All the workouts have been put together by her and her team and look at areas that will tone and strengthen your body.

    Admittedly, it may not be specifically designed for runners but this short bite-sized daily plan allows you to pick and choose areas to target. While you may not end up looking exactly like Lucy (who in real life is absolutely lovely), those who are on the programme and who have tweeted about it seem to be pretty happy. Just looking as some of their tweets, they both look healthier and by their tone and excitement, you know that they feel more confident, happier and (put simply) better in themselves. And if you follow Lucy too, you can get the gist as to how Cecilia works and what she’s planning to work on next in terms of workouts.

    Nutrition task master

    As I said before, the plan is split into nutrition and workout. So let’s talk about nutrition first.

    There are no drastic dramas as in you’re not told to cut out everything that you like from day one. Rather you are guided gradually through a programme to “cleanse your diet” of the refined crap that so many of us munch on everyday.

    At first, it is pretty basic stuff e.g. drink more water, eat more veg and protein etc…but then once you’ve adapted a little to this, you are then introduced to ideas such as balancing your hormones to strip your body of fat in Month 2, Week 1. This week Results with Lucy talks about Carb Cycling – essentially a day of “Clean Carbs” (examples include rice, rye bread, quinoa) followed by a day of “Cheat Carbs” (examples include pitta bread, crumpets…). Results with Lucy also draws on scientific explanation to back up why they came up with this plan and why followers will benefit.

    As I’ve said before, I’m no expert on nutrition (at my peril perhaps) but this gradual introduction into cleaner, healthier eating is informative and follows the philosophy of small steps, which is much easier to follow. You can even have a “cheat” day once in a while. After all, we are only human.

    An exercise blast

    Next onto the exercise part of the programme, which again is broken down month by month, week by week. Every week of the three month programme, you have access to a series of five different sections, each containing three video workouts.

    Every weekly sections contains a Warm-Up, Abs Workout and then the third video varies depending on which session you choose (workouts to target your legs, bum and some cardio). Each video lasts between 4 minutes (for the Warm-Up) and 10 minutes.  The idea is that you can pick and choose a workout to suit your needs.

    Some videos do feature the lovely Lucy alongside her trainer but not all, which I like. And some workouts are pretty intense HITT-style training. No matter what your level of fitness, the combination of burpees, mountain climbers and more is tough. What’s more, the variety of workouts available means you’ll never get bored.

    Are there any downsides?

    The website is a bit clunky and could do with a refresh but I think there maybe something in the pipeline. An app or web-based app would also be a great idea. As someone who is into fitness, some of it can feel a bit basic. That being said, I think Results with Lucy is ideal for someone who wants a guiding hand or step by step advice to not only lose weight but also help them to adapt their lifestyle.

    Anything else you may want to know?

    Results with Lucy also runs weekend, £265, and now one-day Bootycamps, £65, which are a way for users to meet the team behind the online plan. I was lucky enough to attend the one-day Bootycamp and I’ll reveal all soon in another blogpost but let me just say I can see how it offers a big dose of motivation.

    Is it aimed at fitness freaks like me?

    As a pretty active person, the first few weeks were not really suitable and finding the time to fit in even the shortest workouts can be a problem. The one-day Bootcamp however certainly steered me back on track and I’ve been really enjoying my quick-fire ab attack and leg-strengthening workouts.

    Will I be emptying my wallet?

    Not at all.  Prices vary from package to package but 50 quid for the 12 week abs plan is not at all bad when you pay on average around £40 and upwards per month for a gym in London.

    Overall verdict

    I’m definitely trying to stick with Results with Lucy as it has been really well thought through. From complete novice to the more experienced, I can see why Results with Lucy is so popular and how it will work for every body.

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