• Thu13August 2015
  • Dealing With Injury: Feeling Outta Control

    It’s been a month. A month without running and to be quite frank it’s been the toughest few weeks I’ve ever had to live through. Sod running across the desert in god knows what degree heat, when you enjoy something with a passion, you can’t help but experience a mixture of emotions when that has been taken away from you.

    cycling bike at home

    Yay, fun times on my bike…

    Frustration, anger, bitterness, you name it, I’m constantly battling against a rollercoaster of feelings. And all I want to know is when – when can I jump back on my fitness bandwagon, return to normality, fall back into my routine that I know and love.

    You see running isn’t just a form of exercise.

    There’s the planning and anticipation about my next race, the butterflies when I’m on the starting line, the feeling of exhilaration after pushing myself. On a daily basis, I run as a mode of transport to and from work. It’s my place I can escape to. For an hour or so I’m away from it all, when I can simply be and observe the world around me. Pass by familiar places season after season, discover new areas of London and get into the heart of this fine City. This is what running means to me.

    Yes, you could say it’s party about control. You see life is never straightforward and as the last few months have shown, it can be pretty unpredictable. But running is something I have a handle on, a constant in my life. From deciding when to run and route to follow to which race I’m going to work towards and how hard I push myself, I am the director and the actor in the running game. Whereas now, I guess you could call me merely a member of the cast who watches on enviously at her many amazing friends and running companions who continue to carve out their own paths.

    But what can I do? Reality check. I am injured which means I can’t run. And yes, obviously it gets me down so much so that I actively avoid and it doesn’t get me down. After all, I am not living in an enchanted fairyland. But I am trying to stay positive. As well as working out with Barrecore videos, walking and cycling on my indoor bike, I am finding out other ways to keep on top of the situation.

    Last week, when I met Dr Duncan French at Fitness First, he gave me some sound advice which was again echoed by Gareth my physio at A2Z Elite Health. When athletes are injured, they do not stop training, they simply adapt how they train. Alongside a good diet and support, they can get back on track. Everyone remembers Jessica Ennis and her amazing, no, monumental performance at London 2012 but can they recall how an injury in 2008 meant she missed out on Beijing 2008? Probably not. And perhaps it was this that spurred her on to become one of the most admired sportswomen in the UK.

    Injury sucks but in the grand scheme of things it is only a few months out of your life. As Gareth said to me yesterday, you need to think about it in terms of what you’re able to do instead of what you can’t do at the moment.  Just focus on that and you’ll be ok. Right, time to hit the saddle…

    Have you ever been injured? How did you deal with it?

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