• Thu02October 2014
  • Ealing Half Marathon 2014: More than a feeling…the #EalingFeeling

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well here goes.

    Running like a girl

    Running like a girl (c) Sussex Sport Photography

    This is me on the last leg of the Ealing Half Marathon 2014. By this time I think I’d covered 12 and a half miles of the leafy West London suburb. I was hot, a wee bit achy after a trampolining class on the Thursday before woke up some underused muscles but absolutely loving the atmosphere of the Ealing Half Marathon 2014.

    While it looks like I’m whipping the blokes’ bottoms in terms of the race, the reality is I was part of a crowd of runners who had paced themselves around 13.1 miles of roads, parks (three parks to be exact) and other runners to complete a well-organised race. It also doesn’t show my awe and wonder at the winner, who raced past me on the other side of Drayton Bridge Road, how I clapped as I saw one of the first women speed past, showing the boys who is boss, and my gratitude to the St Stephen’s Church for the wedge of orange. The photo fails to capture all the signs around town welcoming the French and Polish runners joining us en route or the consistent support for the Ealing Eagles (the local running club). Then there’s the army of volunteers handing out water at various stops along the race (there was more than enough on what turned out to be a pretty warm day for September) and encouraging all the runners to be strong and carry on.

    As much as I love this photo and it seizes a moment of glory for someone who runs like a girl (all my bits are present and correct), it doesn’t do what turned out to be a well-organised race justice. From the race village to the start, finish and e-goody bag (finally fewer bits of paper to litter the spare bedroom (or what looks like a junk room)), I couldn’t have wished for a better race. I may have had to “sprint” to the start, jump the barrier at the 1:40 start and weave my way through the runners to find space for my pace but that’s down to my need for an extra 20 minutes in bed, lost race pack in the post and necessary toilet stop. I also didn’t do too badly for someone not training for a half or a marathon (1:34:54 – in the top 30 ladies) – but this race wasn’t to do with time, it was all about the #EalingFeeling, and the 13.1 miles course and atmosphere encapsulated this sentiment perfectly.

    What did you think? Did you race the Ealing Half Marathon 2014?

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