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  • Eat.Clean.Granola: a healthier way to start the day

    They say it takes 21 days to change your habits, well I’m not over three weeks into #veganuary and finding it slightly easier than I anticipated. Yes, I miss the occasional sweet thing but I am discovering a whole world of amazingly tasty things that are also healthy. First on my list is Eat.Clean.Granola.

    Yum yum yum yum

    Yum yum yum and good for your tum tum tum

    I was given some Eat.Clean.Granola at a recent event I attended so with the cupboards bare and nothing left in the house I could eat, I reached for this rather well-presented glass jar, filled my bowl up with a third of the stuff and poured on hot milk. And to my surprise, it tasted good, really good.

    Now having spent the last few years filling my bowl up to the rim with Special K (which to my own admission is probably not all that good for me), I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this healthy breakfast that contains NO refined sugar and is BOTH gluten- and dairy-free (and vegan). At last, a breakfast that is easy to digest and as a consequence didn’t bloat me up like a whale around my middle.

    Tasty breakkie

    Tasty breakkie

    As always there is a catch – this tasty and nutritious breakfast/snack that comes in three flavours – Cacoa Crunch, Pecan Pie and Aromatic Almond  – does not come cheap. At £4.90 for 250g and £8.90 for 500g, it’s more expensive than most of your supermarket granolas. Then again, you need to bear in mind that the ingredients are lovingly mixed together by hand and you don’t need much to satisfy your hunger.

    Honestly, I’m the least foodie person you’re ever going to meet (eat to live, tin soup in the microwave kinda girl, just ask my boyfriend/anyone who has ever lived with me) but I was so impressed with Eat.Clean.Granola that I contacted the founder Katrina to find out more  about this delicious way to start the day. Here’s what she had to say…

    Your granola showed me you can eat healthily without compromising on taste. What made you decide to create it?

    I made the decision to leave a comfortable job in April last year and try and make it as a freelance marketer. I suddenly found myself no longer needing to rush out of the door in the morning to get to a busy office and I finally had some time to take stock of the food I was putting into my body. I needed to be energised for pitches as well as delivering to new client deadlines and I soon remembered the age-old tale that my Mum always used to tell me – that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. I’m not sure I’ve always followed that advice, but it seemed more apt now, more than ever before.

    Tastiness in a jar

    Tastiness in a jar

    I soon found a love of granola and quickly realised that the market was completely flooded with over-processed cereals full to the brim of refined sugar. It was confusing reading hidden ingredients in the nutrition information. And the inclusion of gluten in the grains made me always feel bloated and uncomfortable. Nothing catered to what I was looking for. I wanted a completely gluten-free, refined sugar-free granola that was tasty to eat and good for my health. So I started trialling different recipes, shared them with friends and family and my very own clean granola soon took a life of it’s own. What we stood for really seemed to resonate with a diverse mix of people. So I launched Eat.Clean.Granola to help people who wanted to start their day a cleaner way too.

    How can it benefit people like me (who is trying out veganism)?

    Our philosophy at Eat.Clean.Granola is to only use the finest natural gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free ingredients – which makes our granola perfect for coeliacs and vegans. Each recipe contains ingredients in their raw natural format and we slow roast these in raw coconut oil, making the granola smell delicious as soon as you pop open the packet. To create the granola crunch we all know and love, we use naturally occurring sugars from coconut and we also use raw cacao in our Cacao Crunch granola, an absolute treat in the morning, especially served with warm hazelnut milk.

    You say it is easy on the digestive system but why?

    As I’m not a trained nutritionist, I can only communicate how eating clean granola has positively affected my body and my outlook to an early morning start! The inclusion of natural fibre in my recipes has really helped regulate my digestion so I definitely think this is a benefit that could help others. The most important lesson I’ve learned though throughout my journey so far, is that if I make time for breakfast, it truly does completely set me up for the day – I’m less stressed, I feel more organised – it’s 5 minutes, set aside, allowing you to stop and think about the day ahead. And if I start the day with clean granola, I’m also more inclined to make healthier decisions for lunch and dinner too. And that can only be a positive thing, right?

    Eat.Clean.Granola has three products in their delicious new granola range, Pecan Pie, Cacao Crunch and Aromatic Almond. Each recipe contains gluten-free oats, quinoa flakes, raw nuts and seeds and slow roasted in raw coconut oil. Pricing starts from £4.90 for 250g and can be bought directly through the cleangranola.co.uk website.

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