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  • Equinox made me do it: that is #ETC

    Equinox made me do it - not quite this but you get the picture

    Equinox made me do it – no, not this but their new #ETC

    Equinox made you do what exactly? Yep, this may sound like I’m passing the buck over to the very swish Equinox Fitness Club on High Street Kensington but their latest fitness class certainly uses those muscles you (or I) may have neglected over the past few months. Believe me, the short ‘taster session’ was a wake-up call to my abs and triceps. But please, don’t let me put you off as what I have to say is their latest offering is perhaps one of the most comprehensive fitness programmes I have seen in a while.

    Imagine a gruelling bootcamp session mixed with HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) plus teamwork and you kind of get my drift. All I know is that this half-hour ‘taster’ certainly pushed me to my max and it certainly was tough love for the trainer bellowing instructions my way.

    This opportunity to get the “best body possible” or so the blurb around the Equinox Training Camp (#ETC to the Twittersphere) claims takes shape in the form of an hour-long class, led by the motivational fitness instructor Geoff Bagshaw, and is part of a new six-week bootcamp-style program that aims to get you feeling fitter and better than ever.

    As I said before, by combining elements of the oh-so-now HIIT with teamwork, this complete body workout burns calories and uses muscles you never knew existed. The moves themselves are not overly complicated and form part of a sequence of drills and core-focused resistance training which everyone can do. From clock lunges and squats to burpees and  a minute of rowing, each exercise can be modified to suit people of all abilities. Essentially, it’s down to you how hard you work.

    And here’s the deal-breaker; not only can you burn between 600 to 1,000 calories throughout the hour-long session, the nature of the exercises (HIIT), mean that you continue to burn calories at a higher rate for up to 48 hours after the class.

    It is a six-week program, so you do have to be committed to the cause and as with all exercise, you only get what you put in. But after that time, you may well find that your strength, endurance, speed and flexibility have improved dramatically. The Equinox team also believe that the bootcamp-style classes will create a kind of camaraderie among the participants. You get to know them, laugh with them, sweat with them and motivate them along. And if you’re the kind of person who needs a little nudge to get moving or motivated, then the Equinox Training Camp could be for you. Sometimes it’s easier to take direction from the experts to help kick-start your fitness routine. This programme will certainly do that.

    Whether you’re looking to improve your current fitness or simply do not know where to start on the road to health, Equinox Training Camp is the catalyst to make you do just that. Believe me, it certainly made me push myself harder. Equinox made me do it.

    To find out more click here

    I was invited to participate in a half-hour class by Equinox and all views here are my own. It was tough and a great workout for one dimensional cardio addicts like me.

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