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  • Festival fashion: Turbans

    Festival fashion: turbans

    Me and my turban at Rentez-Vous, East London

    It’s mid-July, we’re in the midst of a mini heatwave and festival season is well and truly here. And we all know what that means? Yes, those in the “fashion-know” will start suggesting what variation of last year’s festival trends we should be “rockin'” this summer. Alongside ripped denim shorts (always a staple), t-shirts and wellingtons, which are an absolute essential in the UK, we are introduced to other must-have pieces that we can chuck in our already full rucksacks to make us feel like we are true festival-goers. While I may be mocking this a little bit because it has rained at almost every festival I’ve been to in the UK and I have been more concerned with keeping warm than looking great, there are a few bits that I would love to update my style. I am, after all, a fashionista at heart.

    First up on my wish list is a turban. Not only are turbans currently on the fashion radar after the fashion extravaganza that was Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, they are also brilliant for instantly adding a touch of glamour to your look. I don’t think I look too Arabian Nights in the photo above. And if you think about it, they are the perfect cover- ups for dirty barnets. The turban is therefore really useful at a festival, where you may not be able to wash your hair. On-trend and practical, this piece of headgear is a fantastic for the more boutique-style festivals such as The Secret Garden Party, Wilderness and Latitude. There are no particular dress rules but friends who  have been lucky enough to go to The Secret Garden Party have said that there are nights where you can dress up. I went to Wilderness last year and other festival-goers had also made an effort to don vintage gear. Even if you’re going to a weekend festival such as Lovebox, a turban can really work with your outfit (and also make you easy to spot!). We are heading to The Green Man in Wales this August and I am planning to pack one in my rucksack after trying on this navy one from Artisan S at a Rentez-Vous event that I attended in East London last month.


    What about you? What are you planning  on taking to festivals this year?

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