• Sun15November 2015
  • Four weeks, three fitness goals to get me back to health

    It’s been a struggle the past few weeks getting back on track (and on the track). While I still have cardio fitness, I can feel that my legs aren’t quite pulling their weight and then there’s the added worry that if I do go hell for leather, I’ll end up injured and have another setback. And I doubt that the next few weeks will be any easier when it comes to training and eating well in prep for next year’s challenges. It is party season after all and even though I’m far from the 20-something I once was, I simply can’t resist a good night out with a tipple or two thrown in.

    My morning run will be a max of 40 minutes

    My morning run will be a max of 40 minutes

    What I need right now is 3 fitness goals I can stick to. So here goes:

    1. To mix up my fitness regime and include some strength training
      As much as I love running maraFUNS, I know that this next month or two will be difficult to find the time to simply get the mileage in. If I want to build up my speed without injury a new tactic is needed. So I’m going to try something different. Apart from a marathon I’ve planned in next month, I’m going to cut down the time spent plodding to a maximum of 40 minutes a day (that’s enough time to get me from home to work) and include 30 minutes a day of strength training. The result is 1 hour 20 of cardio and strength. Not only will this help in terms of fitting my regime in, it may also challenge my body in a different way and push it to make those necessary adaptations before I ramp it up in January next year.
    2. Moderate what I eat
      It feels like January is always the time when I make the decision to cut out the crap. I don’t find it particularly hard as I’m an all or nothing character. So whether that be three months without caffeine, chocolate and alcohol or a month without sugar, I’m pretty good at sticking to it. That’s until the month when I can suddenly eat all the stuff I’d restricted and then once again I’m like a kiddie in a candy shop. Why wait until January this year and why not cut down rather than cut out? Yep, my second fitness goal is to be more measured about my diet and mindful about what I eat. This does mean cutting down on my two vices caffeine and sugar. I’ll let you know how it goes.
    3. Stretch before bed
      A few weeks ago, something miraculous happened – for a week, I actually managed to get my partner to join me in a nightly ritual of yoga before bed. Please understand that the partner has never done anything like yoga before, in fact, the only exercise he does on a regular basis is walking. While he didn’t exactly get into the right mindset or particularly enjoy it (I think I need to take him to some beginner classes rather than an online class that talks about ‘oceanic breathing’ and ujjayi or what he referred to as Oompa loompa breath), it was a relaxing experience. As soon as he lost interest, I did too, but I have to say it helped me relax before getting some shut-eye. Over the next four weeks, I’m going to commit to at least stretching my body out before hitting the sack.

    If you know of any online yoga classes you can recommend please let me know. I’ll also report back on my progress and let you know how easy/difficult it is to stick to these three goals as we hit the crazy festive period.

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