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  • From Paris with Love: Alegory Paris

    Whether you live in flats or totter in sky-high stilettos, no one can deny the allure and appeal of the heel. Step into a pair of shoes on an angle and you transform from Hobbit-legs (as I am affectionately known by the boyf) to a lady with grace and shapely pins. It may all be marketing spiel but I still want to be able to saunter in a pair of high heels.

    And yet finding the perfect pair can be as painful as the shoes themselves. Having searched for almost two years for a pair of Louby Lous, I’m still no further forward. All I want is a pair of classic black pumps. I’ve tried other pairs, opting for tango shoes for my brother’s wedding last year but ended up removing them when we hit the dance floor. While I can run marathons quite comfortably these days, heel walking is pretty damn impossible or so I thought. Then I discovered a new company from Paris which may have the answer to my footwear woes.

    The website may be fairly basic and the company is a start-up funded via crowdfunding site Indiegogo but the concept behind “Alegory” – la chaussure a talons imoviables” is fantastic. You buy a pair of shoes with, as the tagline suggests, interchangeable heels. They (Alegory) say the heels represent your personality. I say it’s a winner for those who feel more clumsy clown than Carrie Bradshaw in anything over an inch high. Whatever way you look at it, “Cinder-Becca” will go to the rave (who wants to go to balls these days) in a YSL “le smoking” suit (I wish) and classic pumps that she can wear for more than five minutes. Here’s why:

    Take your heels to a brand new level

    With three different heel heights to choose from and four different heels, including a petit “Maline” which is 4.5cm (as illustrated here) you can choose to stay low, raise the stakes to 7.5cm with the “Complice” heel  or go sky-high in 9cm “Audacieuse” or the stiletto version known as “Grandiose”.

    Alegory Paris height

    Alegory Paris – you can choose between these styles but 4 heels come free when you buy the 210 Euro package

    Quick and easy to change

    Thanks to two years of research, the heels are apparently quick and easy to change and, most importantly, secure. From the diagram and description around the heels, the “Dovetail system” means you can simply release the heel and replace with another by sliding it and clicking it into place.

    Top-quality fabric

    Made in an artisan French shoe workshop, the Italian leather is specifically moulded in a “one cut” fashion to leave the foot feeling as comfortable as your feet can be at an angle.

    Choose your style

    Alegory is not the place to find Sophia Webster-style creativity, you will however have to make a decision over which style you would like: pointy “Aurea” or rounded “Jessica” toes? (I much prefer the pointy as it’s less Minnie Mouse). Pick from the six colours available – I’d stick with black or purple – and finally opt for either a leather or suede finish.


    There are various different packages available on the indiegogo site:

    One pair plus 2 heels – 175 Euros (around £140*)

    One pair plus 3 heels – 195 Euros (around £155*)

     One pair plus 4 heels – 210 Euros (around £167*)

    *Exchange rate as of 13 August 2014.

    Why you should?

    You may gulp at what looks like a hefty price to pay for what is effectively a pair of court shoes but think about it for a moment. Plain, classic heels never go out of fashion and you get four pairs for the price of one made to order. For those who live by the numbers, it’s the equivalent of paying around £42 for a pair of leather pumps. Not too crazy expensive now huh? And they also suit those who may need a helping hand when it comes to stepping up.

    What is your favourite pair of shoes and do you like the idea of interchangeable heels? Let me know in the comments section below.

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