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  • Future-proofing: my mini-goals pre- and post- Marathon des Sables

    By now it should be clear that #mygoal is to completed the crazy race across the sands. I’ve done the rehearsal run, seen the podiatrist and my physio and come up with a plan for the final six weeks of this epic journey. As with any project you prepare for and embark upon, it’s a good idea to have a certain amount of mini-goals on the way to keep you motivated.

    And what about after the race?

    Well, it really depends on my experience.

    But to pre-empt my post-MdS meltdown and keep me on the straight and narrow, I have come up with some mini-goals pre- and post- Marathon des Sables to look forward to. Come join me in the running fun.

    1. Vitality North London Half Marathon, 15 March 2015

    This may not be a competitive race for me but I’m really looking forward to testing myself over a shorter distance at the Vitality North London Half. It’s the first ever North London Half Marathon (and possibly race to start and finish close to my gaff, hoorah) so it’ll be good to see how it unfolds and also race the same course as athletic royalty Mo Farah. Entries are now closed but anyone interested in joining me can do so for charity.


    Run with Mo2. A month of hot yoga

    March is all about mixing it up a bit and as part of the plan I’m going to embark on a month of hot yoga. Now I’m not new to practising yoga – last year I took several classes and really found it beneficial for my muscles and mind – but hot yoga is a completely new to me. And even if I can’t quite master the crow at least the dry heat will prep me for the Sahara.

    If anyone can recommend a location near Covent Garden that offers hot yoga, please let me know.

    3. Eat well

    Good Food Eat Well Show

    Reluctant chef? Maybe this will inspire you.

    What started as a goal for Marathon des Sables (cut down on caffeine, alcohol, sugar and chocolate) could well be the way forward. Not only am I feeling less grumpy but I’ve noticed improvements in my skin, energy levels and overall health and performance. The mini-goal in the next month or so is to keep it up, eat more protein and also try a different healthy recipe a week. As I’ve said before, my strengths do not lie in the kitchen but I’m going to give it a go. And to motivate me in this domain, I’m heading to the BBC Good Food Eat Well show next weekend (Feb 27 to March 1 2015) to be inspired by top-class foodies such as Natasha Corrett of Honestly Healthy and Amelia Freer of Eat. Nourish. Glow.

    4. Vitality Reading Half Marathon, 22 March 2015

    Who says I can’t be persuasive? Yep, I managed to talk my work colleagues into signing up for this one. So we are all heading up to Reading to complete the corporate challenge of the Reading Half. There will be blood, sweat, tears and dirty looks towards me during the race but I’m sure post-event everyone will feel pleased about their achievement. Either that or I’ll be on toilet duty.

    5. Virgin Money London Marathon 2015, 26 April 2015

    Two weeks after I have completed the Marathon des Sables, I’m aiming to run the Virgin London Marathon (note: aiming). I am yet to enjoy London – perhaps this will be the year. Anyhow, it all depends on how my legs stand up but I have a place and a couple of mates doing it so why not join the party?

    6. Vitality Run Hackney Half, 10 May 2015

    Run Hackney

    Last year at Run Hackney, can I ‘chick’ again?

    To complete the Vitality series, I’m going to run the Vitality Hackney Half. Whether this will be a race or a run is yet to be decided but I’d like to give this one more gusto as it’s taking place in my old stomping ground. Hopefully it will not be as hot as last year. Whatever the weather, I’m sure the crowds will pull us round. There are still places available so go on, register now.

    Are you running any of these races?

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