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  • Get ‘app’y And Fit With Alpha Man

    As someone who is a teeny bit obsessed with fitness, I was intrigued by a new guy in town. Or to be more specific, Alpha Man – a hot new magazine that is only available via app on your mobile or tablet. Launching today (21 August 2015), this new fitness-focused monthly may be aimed at the boys but I think we could all learn a thing or two from the practical approach to topics such as nutrition and health in general.

    Photo of Alpha Male Editor Joe Warner

    Joe Warner, Editor, Alpha Man

    I asked the editor Joe Warner, whose impressive CV includes a stint as former deputy editor of Men’s Fitness and bestselling fitness book author on Amazon two years in a row (2013 and 2014), a few questions about the new Alpha Man.

    So why Alpha Man?

    For one very simple reason. Life isn’t easy for the British man in 2015. In fact, it’s never been harder for us to stay on top of every part of our lives. Our jobs have never been so demanding. The financial pressure we’re under has never been so immense. Our work-life balance has never been so lop-sided. And, above all else, we aren’t as happy or healthy as we know we could be.

    That’s why we’re launching Alpha Man. To hand men back complete control of their lives with expert tips, info and insight in a monthly magazine that’s with them whenever you needs us, wherever you are.

    Every month we’ll deliver, straight into your hands through your mobile or tablet, the latest and best instantly-actionable advice men need to start living the fitter, happier and fuller life they deserve.

    What have you had to think about designing specifically for an app?

    About a million different things, all of which were totally new to me coming from a print magazine background! But that’s the beauty of making a magazine specifically for mobile and tablet from scratch. We had a blank slate and could do exactly what we wanted and, more importantly, what we felt readers wanted. We don’t have a print legacy or a ton of content that needed converting to digital – a process similar to forcing a square peg into a round hole – which is why most fitness titles for both men and women are simply non-interactive PDF page-turners on tablet, that are completely unreadable on mobile.

    Alpha Man is different in that every single page of the magazine has been designed specifically for tablets and mobiles, which gives us the opportunity and flexibility to make the first-class editorial we provide work in harmony with the high-quality photography, design and video to give readers a slick, intuitive and beautifully-designed interactive magazine that will not only dramatically improve their physical and mental well-being, but also offers an entertaining and beautiful reader experience.

    How do you access it?

    Because Alpha Man is a digital magazine app you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your sofa to get the free launch issue. Just open your phone or tablet and go to the App Store and search ‘Alpha Man’. Once the app pops up just download it, open it up – it will be sitting in the Newsstand App on your home screen on Apple devices – and then tap to download the free launch issue. It really couldn’t be easier.

    What subjects will you be covering?

    Every issue of Alpha Man will give British men the latest and best information and advice from world-leading experts and cutting-edge research so they can start to live a fitter, happier and healthier life. Of course, as a fitness mag, there will be a lot of training and nutrition info – our Train section covers gym-based workouts; Pulse is our cardio training section and covers running, cycling, swimming, triathlon; and Fuel covers everything you need to know about the right way to eat for optimal health and fitness. But there’s much more besides, including Action, our lifestyle section of celeb and sportsman interviews, gear and tech reviews, and grooming guides, and Features, where every month we will be tackling some of the biggest issues affecting men today with cutting-edge and thought-provoking journalism.

    Is it aimed at Bob down the pub or Goliath in the gym?

    Picture of a six pack

    Pretty impressive pack there mate

    Alpha Man is a mainstream fitness mag so we will be relevant and useful for the Average Joe who probably would admit to himself he needs to spend less time in the pub and a bit more time in the gym! There is so much uncertainty and confusion about health and fitness out there right now, especially with regards to nutrition, and it’s no wonder people are unsure about the right ways to exercise and eat to make positive changes to how they look and feel. We are going to cut through all the noise and hype and confusion and give readers the simple but effective advice they need to make small and sustainable steps in the right direction to improve their health and fitness. If you’re looking for more advanced training and nutrition information, then you might want to check out another one of our digital magazines. It’s called IronLife and the app is free to download on the App Store.


    Will us girls find it interesting too? 

    We are made for men, hence the Alpha Man name! That said, good training and nutrition is good training and nutrition information, regardless of which changing room you use at the gym. I think a lot of women will find our nutrition section especially useful. In the conversations I have with women it sometimes feels that there is actually more confusion about nutrition and training among them than there is with men – I’m specifically thinking about low-fat diets, long and slow cardio, and juice diets still being seen as the best ways to lose body fat – and Alpha Man will separate the fact from the fiction to give all readers the best ways to eat to improve how they look naked.

    What are you featuring in your first issue?

    Cover of the first issue delivered to your app

    Cover of the first issue delivered to your app

    Some highlights from the free launch issue include: an exclusive interview with the fastest man on two wheels, Mark Cavendish; an investigative feature on whether dating apps such as Tinder and Happn are ‘re-wiring’ men’s brains to seek out diverse and discreet sexual encounters at the expense of monogamous relationships; 27 tips from the UK’s leading health and fitness experts on their tried-and-tested methods for banishing belly fat once and for all; an in-depth investigation into how and why sugar is fuelling the UK’s obesity crisis; and six-week muscle-building and fat-burning training programme, designed by leading fitness model Olly Foster; and so much more besides.

    Anything you learnt while creating this issue?

    Firstly, from a personal perspective, there is no bigger buzz than watching a brand new magazine concept that initially only exists on a scrap of paper slowly come to live and grow into a fully functional, innovative and interactive magazine. I am more proud of the launch issue of Alpha Man than anything else I’ve done in my career. But I think the most important thing is that making a magazine on digital is identical to making one on paper in one very important but increasingly neglected way  – you have to make the magazine for the reader, not for yourself. Actually, that goes for anyone writing anything that they want someone else to read. The reader is the only person that matters and if you can give them the info they want in an educational yet entertaining way, they will keep coming back for more.

    What’s the frequency, price etc?

    Alpha Man is a monthly magazine and it’s free. Yes, I know, we must be mad. But it’s going to be free each and every month, straight to your mobile and tablet.

    What OS is it available on?

    Alpha Man is available to download on all Apple iOS devices and all Android devices. Just download the app from the App Store and away you go.

    If you have an iPhone or iPad, click here to download Alpha Man for free

    Android device users can download the Alpha Man for free here

    Follow Alpha Man @AlphaManMagUK

    Do you think we should have an Alpha Woman app too? Let me know what you think and also your opinion on the new issue by commenting below.

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