• Sun21October 2012
  • Has anyone seen my boot?


    Now you may be wondering – why has The Style Dynamo posted a photo of one boot? This isn’t a lost and found site after all.

    If only it were.

    It’s not everyday that you manage to lose one of a pair but a month and a half ago, I managed to do just that.

    It was Vogue’s Fashion Night Out and after an evening of being pampered in Selfridges plus dinner in Carluccios, I packed up my cycle bag, changed into my cycling-home shoes and began my journey back to Stoke Newington.

    When I arrived at Tottenham court road and glanced behind that I found my bag open and missing one boot. What’s a fashionista to do in such a style dilemma?

    Why retrace their steps of course.

    After all, finding these boots was a mission in itself.

    I knew I had to have this Carvela pair of Squat boots as soon as I cracked eyes of them on ASOS three years ago. They arrived and I was so excited to try them on that I didn’t realise they were the wrong size. Correction – ASOS didn’t realise they had send me the wrong-sized boots in the right-size box. More frustratingly, they didn’t have any in my size in stock. Huge fail!

    I send them back and tried to forget about them. Then a few weeks later, I saw them on sale in Westfields. It was one of those serendipity moments. I bought and wore them home.

    Indeed, these little boots with studs and slight sparkle detail added fun to my wardrobe. Whether I was wearing a pretty frock to a festival or denim jeans, these boots would go with anything. And that is why I made it my mission to try and find the missing boot.

    So back to the fateful cool September evening when I looked like a loon on my bike searching the pavements and even trash left outside the pubs I’d passed. ¬†Hell, I even got the security guard outside Selfridges involved, who had, coincidentally, seen me leave earlier.

    But it wasn’t to be. With a tear in my eye, I headed home with just one boot in my bag.

    Now, I’m at a loss of what to do. Shall I or can I part with my Carvela Squat? It’s proving more difficult than I ever imagined.

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