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  • How to fit in a run when away from home

    One of my many pleasures in life is heading away for the weekend to Paris with my husband. We’ve been to this great city so many times now that we can just wander without the pressure of having to cram in all the tourist sights. Alongside visiting exhibitions, shopping and heading out to a great number of bars and restaurants, I love to put on my trainers and pound the Parisian pavements.

    Running along the river Seine, Paris

    Running along the river Seine, Paris

    While this may seem like an easy thing to do, running while away does take a bit of planning especially if this is not what the weekend is about. (As in you’re not running a marathon and your partner-in-crime is up for a few drinks at some hip Parisian bar that’s just opened up.)

    Firstly, there’s the extra room for all your running gear.

    Not easy if you’re flying Ryanair so don’t go overboard. Fortunately, the Eurostar is way more forgiving but you still have to keep it to a minimum. Leggings or shorts, t-shirt, bra, socks, pants, trainers and extra layer if it’s cold will do. Travel in your trainers and you may not have to sacrifice those heels or smart ballet pumps.

    Secondly, time it wisely

    As much as you’d love to venture out for a morning run, think about the person you’re there with. Especially, if they are someone who (in my case) only runs for a bus. Yes, you can promise them a coffee when you get back but this doesn’t give you free rein to turn your run into a semi-marathon. Anything between 30-45 minutes seems a fair compromise to me and just enough time when we’re in Paris to reach the river and back again.

    Thirdly, find a destination

    You don’t have to plan your route infinite detail – sometimes it’s wonderful to “get lost” and get to grips with your surrounds. But if you are limited to a time, it may be worth having a destination on the map in mind. Whether that be a local park or in my case the River Seine, this will ensure you get your bearings in a new city.

    Finally, take important details with you

    By important details, I mean the address of where you’re staying, money, the nearest tube or metro station (if in a big city) plus any information on important landmarks nearby. And when setting off, take in the surroundings, noticing if you passed a certain cafe or museum. If you do get lost, you will then be able to easily backtrack.

    Do you take your trainers when you head away from home? What other tips would you add to my list? Please let me know below.


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