• Fri13September 2013
  • “If you’ve got a goal, Cyclebeat it”

    The title of this post may be a little on the cheesy side but it sums up what was one hell of a spin class at Cyclebeat studios in the city of London.

    I was invited by Sportspursuit – the utterly awesome pop-up sales site that offers up to 70 percent off the best sports and outdoor wear – to the Cyclebeat session. It’s definitely worth taking a look at Sportspursuit if you want to upgrade your fitness wardrobe. I’ve spotted flash sales on everything from Striders Edge to Shock Absorber bras in the past few months (I’m currently on “Shock Absorber watch” and itching to buy a couple once they go back on sale). Sportspursuit sells great brands that won’t let you down at discounted prices, what isn’t there to love about that?

    Back to the sweat fest that is Cyclebeat. Now spinning has been on the fitness scene for years. I’m sure many people have flirted with these classes that consist of rows of stationery bikes with adjustable gears and an instructor leading you round a virtual tour as the music plays and pushes you to go faster, harder, stronger. I know I certainly have. Saying that, nothing has ever made me sweat like the Cyclebeat challenge.

    Cyclebeat studio

    Cyclebeat studio – are you ready to sweat?

    I came out of that 45-minute class  dripping, saturated in sweat and feeling the most pumped I have done in a long time. Why? Well, besides the awesome direction by our instructor Gareth and the fact I could borrow real cycling shoes (made me feel like a pro), Cyclebeat encourages you to show what you’re made of by displaying your activity on a real-time leaderboard. There’s no escaping the numbers because every rider is assigned a bike number pre-class (I was number 9 at this particular class) and the spreadsheet-style leaderboard, is placed at the front for all to see. It sure is a real tease for the competitive folk like me, who constantly work it to make it to the top. There was actually a moment in class where I was shouting at myself to “push harder”, thankfully all drowned out by the boom boom boom music. I apologise to the founder of Cyclebeat Greg, who was sitting beside me, for my little outcry but you definitely fired up my competitive side. My goal was to try and get as high on the leaderboard as possible. You also don’t want to stop so you’re constantly working on your stamina and digging deep to prevent you from falling behind.


    Cyclebeat – working hard..

    Of course, not everyone is as crazily competitive as me and in itself, the workout is brilliant for getting your heart-pumping and burning those calories. When you register, you can enter information such as weight and then you receive a post-class ride performance that tells you information such as power, calories burned, your position and distance.  You can burn up to 800 calories in each session. Each bike also has what Cyclebeat call the “Beatbox” – an iPhone-sized computer screen placed at eye-level on your handlebars, which displays your performance.  All this is super-useful on a personal level, as you know what to do to rev it up and also how to beat your score in the next session.

    Here’s my session in numbers:

    My ride in numbers

    My ride in numbers

    What’s more, the class was the perfect (if you can call it that) balance of hills and sprints and I can see how it excellent cross-training for those who want to bulid up their stamina and endurance. I’m currently in my last month of training for the Royal Parks Ultra but will certainly be looking to incorporate Cyclebeat after my race. Who knows, I may even take up a Cyclebeat 20-day challenge as part of their introductory 20 days for £20 offer. You read it here first. Will anyone be joining me?

    Find out more about Cyclebeat’s 20 days for £20 offer here.

    I was invited by Sportspursuit and Cyclebeat to a 45-minute session, all opinions here including the positive one about Sportspursuit are my own. The photos are courtesy of Cyclebeat as I was too hyped to take my own. 

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