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  • #Introjuicing sweat and two veg

    What do you get when you combine lifestyle bloggers, a bunch of juicers and an exercise class? Noise, laughter, sweat and the chance to have a natter with some of your mates and that, it seemed, is what the Currys #introjuicing event on Tuesday turned out to be and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Shiny juicer

    But aside from being an accidentally-by-chance-bloggers-meet-up, what exactly did the #introjuicing event introduce me to? Well, here goes:

    1. It’s all about the veg
      Forget oranges, apples and berries, when it comes to juicing, it seems that veg is where it’s at (the old man and his allotment will be happy). Of course, fruit is good for you but, as nutritionist Derry Temple argued it can spike your insulin levels leaving you feeling bloated, more hungry and can actually cause weight gain. Swap some of that fruit for veg or fruit lower in GIs (on the Glycemic Index) and you can prevent adding any more sugar (Fructose) to your diet.Do I believe all this? Well, I’m not qualified to argue either way but it has certainly made me think twice about how much and what types of fruit I consume.Almost all fruit
    2. A veggie juice can be tasty
      Unfortunately, I have a bit of a sweet tooth. This means that I naturally err towards apples, mangoes, berries and oranges when choosing a juice – I’d take mixed berries over some green kale concoction any day. Or so I thought. After the talk by Derry Temple, I decided to opt for a version of the carrot and ginger juice and I was pleasantly surprised. The warming ginger really complimented my chosen mix of carrot, pineapple, apple and celery. It wasn’t exactly all veg but a great tasting juice all the same and a pat on the back to me.
    3. At home juicing machines do work
      Up until now, my experiences of juicing machines are similar to my childhood experience of Mr Frosty – disappointing. For those of you who were not brought up in the 80s, when it comes to slush puppies, Mr Frosty was the IT toy.Shaped like a snowman, you added ice to the top of this toy, held down his hat and turned the handle of the washing machine-style ice grater to create a slush that you could add lots of brightly-coloured flavouring to. Well, that’s how it worked in the advert. In reality, you were left with about an eighth of a glass while the other ice cubes slowly melted inside Mr Frosty. If you think that John Lewis snowman advert was sad, well think again. You can see where I’m going with my experience of juicing. Bundle in fruit, push the lid down and what do you get? A dribble of juice if you’re lucky. Fast forward to now and I’m elated to say that the whizzy Phillips juicing machines at the #introjuicing event produced almost a pint (a pint!) of the good stuff out of my ingredients in the photo. Finally.


      Almost a pint of the good stuff

    4. Juicing can be very satisfying
      It’s a bit of an odd one but the juicing machine brought thecavewoman out in me. I was like, come onjuicer, let’s see what you’re made of, as I chucked various hard bits of veg in the top and pushed lightly on the lid. It felt so satisfying as the machine diced, chopped or whatever it does to produce my vitamin-rich goodness.

      I love photos me

      I love photos me

    5. Body conditioning with blogger friends is fun
       Urban Kings Gym in Kings Cross is a fitness centre focused on martial arts and boxing and had a distinctive whiff in the air as we entered the area. We were taken through a warm-up, split into two teams and then shown (very quickly mind you) what our body conditioning circuit race would look like. The first team who could get all members around the circuit three times was declared the winner. Withburpees, squats, step-ups, weights and more, this was a sweaty affair. And I had a laugh chasing the other girls along the route plus the view from the ringside of the boxers in training wasn’t bad either.

      No thanks to cleaning up this mess on a daily basis

      No thanks to cleaning up this mess on a daily basis

    6. I won’t be buying a juicer any time soon unless…
      The actual device is more compact and super-simple to clean. Despite the fact that I can see the place of juicers and why people are going crazy for juiced veg but the machine is too big. I want something I can use at work rather than at home as it’s during my working day that I could do with adding some variety to my diet not at home where I have access to fresh fruit and veg in abundance. For all you who say, you could make juice and then take it to work. Yes, I could but knowing me, it would end up spilling all over my rucksack and, put simply, I do not want to have to add to my load. I already look like the running hobo. And don’t get me started on the cleaning. This was easier to clean in terms of the detachable part (jug) but I dread to think what was lurking where all the roughage was collected.

    Thank you very much to JoeBlogsNetwork and Currys for the invite. All photos on here are mine apart from the last, which is courtesy of JoeBlogsNetwork.

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