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  • Join the #SB30DaySweat (if you think you’re ‘ard enough)

    Forget the dreaded feelings of “back-to-school”, make this September all about that summer refresh. With events such as Summer of Sweat, Frame’s SWEAT-tember and now Sweaty Betty’s latest “Get Fit 4 Free” campaign #SB30DaySweat, you really can’t make any excuses. In fact, I couldn’t think of a better month to up the temperature as this fittie was born to sweat (I’m a September baby). This September is definitely the month when you can challenge both your body and mind to be fitter, healthier and healthier.

    Just Dance OR Sweat

    Just Dance OR Sweat

    What is the Sweaty Betty 30 Day Sweat Challenge or #SB30daysweat for short?

    It’s a month-long campaign aimed at helping busy women around the globe focus on their health, fitness and well-being goals. By teaming up with bloggers, Sweaty Betty ambassadors, fitness professionals and nutritionists, Sweaty Betty has created daily challenges that even the most hectic of lifestyles can stick to, available for you to follow on an agenda-style calendar (available here). Ranging from a minute (it only takes a minute girl) to half an hour, this is something everyone can do.  All you have to do is tick the box once completed. Whether that be squats and side-lunges on 7 September (thanks Runista!) to the task of thigh-burning jumping lunges (created by the Lunges & Lycra girls) on 19 September, just follow the challenges every day to complete the #SB30DaySweat.

    But will I really sweat?

    It depends on hard you push it. As well as online videos and at-home challenges set-out in the calendar, there are also weekly Hiitgirl classes, devised by the lovely Susan Dyson, held nationwide, plus 30-minute online videos. Follow the Hiitgirl classes and you will be drenched in sweat by the end. As part of the campaign, we were invited to a class led by Susan.

    Putting my #pinksters through their paces

    Putting my #pinksters through their paces

    Her mix of meta moves and muscle moves certainly made me sweat and I was a little achy around the glute area the next day, which happened to be the Friday before the Berghaus Trail Chase (perhaps another “Don’t”).



    Susan Dyson shows us how it’s done

    Take a look at the video to find out more:

    What about stretchy moves?

    Don’t sweat Yogis (well do) as well as hardcore cardio, some days you may find yourself trying out yoga and Pilates within the #SB30DaySweat challenge.

    Healthy mind, healthy plate?

    If that wasn’t enough, Sweaty Betty has also hooked up with the likes of Calgary Avansino and Danielle Copperman to guide you nutritionally and will offer weekly recipes recommended by The Detox Kitchen. Yum.

    Smells like calm

    What’s more, the Sweaty Betty scent partner Neom (the perfect way to block out whiffy sweaty smells while exercising) have devised daily doses of mindfulness to bring you to a state of calm. They are also are offering Sweaty Betty customers and “Get Fit 4 Free” participants the opportunity to win a bunch of Neom fragrance prizes.

     Check out the Sweaty Betty website for more info on how to get involved in the #SB30DaySweat challenge – as they say: “It’s cool to sweat”.

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