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  • Join The Tribe: Buti Yoga At Gymbox

    Getting my stripes on man...

    Getting my stripes on man… (c) Vesna Nikolic

    No, it’s not a new make-up craze. I’m painting fluoro stripes on my face as I am about to embark on a Buti Yoga class at Gymbox, Stratford.

    Buti what?

    Buti Yoga that’s what. Not to be confused with ‘booty’, Buti Yoga draws on the disciplines of tribal dance, power yoga and plyometrics (or jump training) to create a high-intensity workout. It is based on something called the Spinal Structure technique to pair muscles together and ensure you concentrate on both sets of muscles around your middle. In short, you’ll work your abdomen and your back muscles so your entire core will become toned and, well, hardcore.

    What does this mean in terms of exercises?

    With dynamic planks, rotating half dogs and a constant vinyasa-style flow of movement you will be challenged. Just try rotating your hip while in a plank position for a minute and you’ll get the drift. If you’re a runner who tends to focus on very linear movement, Buti yoga will force you to rotate and move in a different direction. It’s great for releasing those tight muscles (hip flexors) and building up a sweat.

    Buti Yoga moves

    Buti Yoga (c) Vesna Nikolic

    So you sweat?

    You’ll come out dripping. Seriously, Buti Yoga pushes you to work hard and get the heart pumping. Think of it like a yogic tribal dance on caffeine.

    What’s with the face paint?

    The Gymbox class takes place in a studio with UV lighting – so your designs will glow. Why not? It’s a bit of fun and makes prep for the 45-minute session interesting. And if you’re not satisfied with your artwork, you can always peel it off.

    Would you do it again?

    Definitely, it was a great way to spend a Thursday evening. And I’d also love to be closer to Gymbox Stratford. It’s wall-to-wall glass which creates a light and airy atmosphere. Yep, working out there was super pleasurable.

    For more info on Buti Yoga, go to Gymbox.com

    Thanks to Gymbox who invited me and a couple of other bloggers along to try out Buti Yoga at their Stratford space and also to Vesna Nikolic for the action shots.



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