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  • Just in time for Christmas – customizable shoes by MYSWEAR on Farfetch

    You can never have too many shoes – scrap that – you can never have too many shoes that are comfortable, stylish and a real statement that look equally as good with your Christmas party outfit, your casual weekend jeans or your statement street sweats. But here in lies the difficulty, where can you find a pair of shoes that satisfies these very different ends of the fashion spectrum?

    Heels? Well, they tick the boxes in the glamour department. However, if you’re not used to wearing them, you’ll soon find that after half an hour your feet are desperate to escape the pressure placed upon them from heel to toe. As for flats, well they’re a safe bet but sport luxe jersey and ballet pumps? Let’s just say – I’m not sold on the idea.

    What is needed is something that bridges the gap between elegant heels and comfy trainers and seeing that trainers are still en vogue (yes, there were still hot stuff at Fashion Weeks thank god), perhaps they could be the answer.

    So where can you find a pair to wear equally with the clean lines of your favourite cashmere coat and favourite bomber? Well, you could trawl your favourite websites attempting to find something to suit your particular sartorial taste or simply create your own pair at MYSWEAR for Farfetch.

    Farfetch invited me to have a go and I have to say it was kind of like playing fashion wheel (a very popular 80s game, look it up) but with shoes. You can see my finished design below inspired by the Cosmonauts exhibition I went to see a few weeks back at the Science Museum.

    Mysore at Farfetch

    Reckon they’d work with a jeans or a party dress

    Offering over 60 different combinations on various different styles of trainer shoes (hi- tops, slip ons and sneakers), you can have a ball selecting from various different materials, colours, laces and metal work. Your designs are realised instantly on screen, thanks to state-of-the-art 3D technology, and you can swap in and amend until you find the perfect pair. Once you’re satisfied, you can then add your initial to the tongue of the shoe, order and your shoes will be then be crafted by expert Portuguese artisans.

    Mysore is an interesting brand in itself. Set up in 2001 by the founder of Farfetch.com, José Neves, SWEAR footwear brand has a bit of a reputation among musicians because it’s rebellious yet refined just like me (joking).

    Now I’m not going to lie and say that these come cheap, expect to pay upwards of £230. They are however a truly unique piece and something you’ll want to treasure forever.

    View of "the Cosmonaut" from the front

    View of “the Cosmonaut” from the front

    So have a go but be warned as once you start, you may never want to stop.

    My shoe from above

    My shoe from above

    To design your own MYSORE shoes, click here

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