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  • Kent Roadrunner Marathon 2014 was the race I…

    1.Took a photo of the course

    Here you can see the course in its full glory. The Kent Roadrunner Marathon was essentially 17 laps of the Cyclopark in Ebbsfleet (2.5km a lap). Despite the heat, which at times you could see radiating off the tarmac, it was a fantastic race.

    Cyclopark Ebbsfleet

    Ok, you can just about see it from here

    2.Remembered that they provided bands for every lap

    Unlike last year, when I made paper bracelets and asked my poor mother to attach them around my arm before the race.

    Bands for the laps

    16 bands to get through until my final lap of glory…

    3. Spotted some funny signs

    Ok, well I found them funny. Come on, you’ve got to be a bit off the wall to run a 17 lap marathon right?

    Feed the runners!

    Feed the runners!

    4. Felt ready-ish to race

    With a start-line like this, blue skies, nourishment (Clif shots, water, energy drinks, cake, crisps – it was a feast for marathoners) every 2.5km, my music blaring and a guy running in the opposite direction to cheer us all on, I felt good (for around 14 laps at least).

    The start line

    The start line

     5. Put my super-speedy adidas trainers to the test

    They are beauties but would they withhold 26.2 miles of tarmac-pounding? Well of course. In fact, I was glad to be wearing these super light-weight adidas boost adizeros during those final laps when my legs began to feel very, very heavy.

    adidas trainers

    Hello feet in your comfy pair of supadupa adidas trainers

    6. No really put them to the test 

    All I can say is that these adidas trainers gave me the #Boost needed to perform this angled stunt at mile 9 or something. (FYI This was my entry for the showboating contest and not something that I regularly do during marathons).

    Showboating move

    Showboating move (c) tzruns/Stuart March Photography

    7. Pulled the ultimate #Raceface

    Like where’s my call from the running glossies for #Raceface of the week? Empowered. Strong. Or simply trying to gulp down water as fast as I possibly could. This is the ultimate caption contest photo so why not give it a whirl and comment at the end of this post. Courtesy of tzruns/Stuart March Photography.

    Caption contest anyone

    Caption contest anyone? (c) tzruns/Stuart March Photography

     8. Came in third position (female)

    Look at me with my trophy and my massive medal.

    Trophy time

    Trophy time (c) tzruns/Stuart March Photography

    9. Received an awesome medal to boot

    Did I mention the absolutely massive medal?

    Huge medal

    My trophy is almost eclipsed by this amazing medal.


    10. And a Medal Size-O-Meter

    In this pretty awesome goodie box. Now I can see if my bling measures up. Bet you’re well jel.

    Look at my bling ruler

    Bling! Bling! I can now measure my medals.

    11. Will do again

    Why would you want to run 17 laps around a Cyclopark again you may ask? See all of the above.

    Believe me, once you get into the swing of it this a fun (showboating contest), well-organised and fast-ish course. You don’t have the usual people/car traffic and everyone is in high spirits. It’s also not stupidly expensive and easily accessible from London. Check out the website for more details about the Kent Roadrunner Marathon 2015.


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