• Tue12July 2016
  • Learning To Run Again After Injury

    It’s been almost six months since I’ve been able to run. And now I’m actually able to lace up my trainers and get outside for a quick jog around the block, I feel anxious. Anxious that I will go too far too soon and end up back at square one. So what am I doing to try and mitigate the circumstances and ensure I’m strong enough to hit the road? Learning to run again.

    Shoes on - learning to run again

    Shoes on – learning to run again

    A fresh start
    And maybe this is a fresh start. A chance to disengage with bad habits and really take a long hard look at my fitness routine. How can I improve my running posture? What do I need to do to ensure stability on both legs? Could I do more with my core?

    The route to recovery

    The route to recovery is undoubtedly not going to be straightforward because as any beginner to running knows, it hurts. Those muscles which have been in hibernation are being called upon once again to fire up and move efficiently. And like an old machine, the cogs can go a bit rusty, taking time to warm up and get back into the groove. But once this body gets going, it will take a force of nature to stop it.

    A mental challenge

    Mentally, it is challenging too. Only a year ago, I could run a marathon at the drop of a hat. Running was easy peasy, it came naturally, like breathing. I know that it will take time to build up to that level again. And that hurts.

    Then again, I’m a pretty determined person whose natural inclination in a situation like this would be go approach it with all guns blazing. Instead, I’m having to be cautious because I want to be able to run injury-free.

    The right foundations

    So I am going to approach my recovery like the way I run a race that’s important to me. First, you break it down into stages, taking the first 10 miles to find your rhythm. Then once you’re comfortable you build on those foundations at a steady pace. And finally, with all the gusto and strength you have left you pick up the pace and really challenge yourself so you cross the line feeling like you’ve run your best.

    Here’s to the next six months of being a beginner once again…

    Have you ever suffered from a serious running injury? How did you take it on and recover for the better? Please let me know below.

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