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  • Light up your run this winter

    Running in the dark is a different type of adventure, where a stream of light from a headlamp, hand torch or whatever illuminant you choose, creates a path and guides you on your way safely.

    When it comes to running after dark, think like a well-informed cyclist. Wear bright clothing to be seen, add a fluorescent jacket, gloves or anything that lets a driver know you are there can really help. Now you don’t have to go the whole hog and look like an overdone Christmas tree but mixing lights with reflective gear is important for anyone running in the dark.

    From beanies to bright pink gloves, Nathan Sports offers a bunch of “get lit” gear to well make sure you can see and be seen. For quite rightly as they state on their website: “Drivers can more easily recognize (sic) the human form when runners wear multiple points of light”. By combining my LED Lenser head torch with some of the Nathan products below, I’m going to light up the town this winter.

    1.Nathan Bronco glove, £30

    Available in pink or black, these gloves include reflective strips and a slot to store small items like coins and your keys. You could also insert a strobe light from the Nathan collection to give your run a disco-feel. While pink may not to be to everyone’s taste (they’re also available in black), these are very warm and feature touch technology pads, which mean you can switch tracks on your music/phone on the move.

    Nathan Bronco glove pink

    Nathan Bronco glove pink

    bronco glove pink front

    Bronco glove pink with pads that allow you to use your electronic devices if you so wish

    2. Nathan LightSpur, £19.99

    Anyone born in the 80s will remember LA lights, the trainers that the kids went crazy for. Well now you can light up your run and relive your childhood (yep, I never got a pair either) with Nathan’s LightSpur. These super light-weight spurs offer up to 40 hours illumination and are powered by easily replaceable watch batteries. Also recommended for cyclists too.

    Lightspur on shoes - LA lights anyone?

    Lightspur on shoes – LA lights anyone?

    3. Nathan Strobelights, £9.99

    Wear on your belt or tucked into your glove, the Nathan Strobelights are handy for extra illumination and keeps on blasting out light for more than 100 hours. Not only are they waterproof but they’re fantastic also for cyclists who may be caught short from time to time on the lighting front.

    Nathan strobelights

    Nathan Strobelights

    4. Nathan DomeLight beanie black, £40

    Light up your run with this USB-rechargeable beanie, which features front and rear lights (white and red accordingly). It’s also light-weight and warm for those chilly morning and evening runs.

    Domelight beanie black

    Domelight beanie black

    5. Nathan Zephyr Front torch, £44.99

    Not a huge fan of holding items while you run? Thanks to the straps attached to this hand torch, you’ll hardly notice that it is there. While it’s not as powerful as some hand torches, this is handy all the same. It also has a rear red light so people can see you from behind and a high-pitched sound so you can warn people that you’re behind them.

    Zephyr Front torch

    Zephyr Front torch

    These are just some of the products available from Nathan Sports. Have you invested in gear to light you up on your night runs? What do you wear to be seen in the dark? Let me know below.

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