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  • Make it a Big Badminton summer

    If you think Badminton is just something your dad used to play in the 80s with his work colleagues then think again. For this summer, it’s bigger, badder and more accessible than ever, thanks to a campaign set up by Badminton England.

    Trying to get my head around it

    Trying to get my head around it

    And why shouldn’t we all grab a badminton racket and head outside to our local park for a quick game or even use the washing line as a net? Badminton is such a fun and fast game which even those with a lack of hand-eye coordination (ME) can play. Not only does it encourage teamwork when you work in pairs and a competitive spirit, the game also makes you sweat as I recently found out at the Big Badminton summer launch.


    As you can gather, I’m always up for a challenge. What you may not know is that racket sports really push me outside of my comfort zone.  If I do something, I like to be able to do it well so actively avoid things I’m not so strong in such as tennis or badminton. After learning a few basics, however, I was able to keep the shuttlecock up for a few rallies. It’s easy to see why badminton is one of the world’s most played sports.

    You don’t need to be an expert or particularly skillful to pick it up, although it’s worth watching a pro to see the power and force they put behind the shuttlecock. Honestly, it’s really inspiring.

    Olympic summer

    Badminton summer

    Big Badminton summer

    In fact, Badminton England will be promoting both England’s number one Badminton pairing, Chris and Gabby Adcock, who hope to recreate the success of Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson at Athens in 2004 at the Rio Olympics, and organising activities at four locations this summer:  London, Manchester, Birmingham and Milton Keynes. Here you’ll be able to pick up a racket and find out just how much fun badminton is. Plus you can watch the Olympics on the big screen at the London and Manchester FanZones.

    Some basic rules

    Now I’m not expert at badminton rules but I did pick up the following from my #BadmintonBlockbuster session:

    • In tournaments, you toss a coin to decide who starts the game but when you want to keep it casual, you throw the shuttlecock up in the air and the person it points towards starts
    • You need to serve underarm, in an upward direction
    • Every time you win a rally, you get a point
    • The first person to reach 21 points wins the game (or you can play to 11)
    • You only get one serve
    • When the server’s score is even, he/she serves on the right, when odd, he/she serves on the left
    • You serve diagonally across
    • If playing in court, your serve needs to reach the opposite inside box, but your rally can go anywhere within the outer tramlines
    • When you win the rally, you get the serve

    That’s about it to get your started.

    So why not take advantage of this great opportunity to make it a big badminton summer and enjoy the current warm weather with a racket in hand.

    To find out more about Big Badminton summer, visit www.badmintonengland.co.uk/summer

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