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  • My beauty stash: Face B4


    Face B4

    Face B4

    There’s nothing better than building up a sweat. The feeling that you’re moving all those toxins around and refreshing your body from the inside out – it really works wonders for the body and mind. But as with everything in life, there is always a bit of a downside. In my case, it’s spots.

    Now as a girl who prefers an ‘au naturel’  look, blemishes, spots and pesky pimples really throw a spanner in the works. Not only do I feel that it’s necessary to cover them up, they also create havoc with my 31-year-old skin. Usual blemish products dry out the spots but also leave my skin feeling as dehydrated as desert.

    Throw in flakiness and you have the recipe for a full-on skin disaster. And this is all exacerbated by my running. You can’t run the distance I do without breaking into a sweat, which in turn clogs up my pores and you guessed it encourages those pimples to rear their ugly heads. This is then followed by a constant cycle between dryness, flakiness, blemishes, dehydration, moisturising…hopefully you get the picture.  When I was invited to the launch of Face B4 – the antibacterial facewash and serum – I thought hell let’s give it a whirl. After all, Sarah Harding was there as the face of the brand (and she is lovely btw) and it sounded perfect for sporty types like me.  But boy-oh-boy, I’m so glad that I did.

    Face B4?

    The name may be a bit naff but Face B4 products are produce. Working in partnership, the antibacterial Facewash and Serum contain just the right amount of active ingredients to clean and rebalance your skin.

    Face B4 facewash

    Let’s start with the facewash as this is what you use first. Containing what the blurb calls a biocidal complex (patented to them), which I assume is part of the dual action blending system, and salicylic acid, the foamy formula, dispensed through a pump action, gets to work on your skin straight away.

    The instructions recommend that you massage it into damp skin for a whole minute to really reap the benefits. I’ve been disciplined in doing this and it surprised me that I can feel it working. It cleanses deep into the pores helping to control excess oil and remove dirt. We all know that spots are a result of a number of things (hormones, dirt, genetics, etc) but your cleansing routine can help remove some of these factors. Cue a good facewash that doesn’t strip the skin of moisture. Indeed, after washing my skin feels squeaky clean but not tight.

    No wonder dermatologists are saying that it can work as a catalyst for other skincare products in your regime. My only quibble with the facewash is that it doesn’t remove my eye make-up but you can’t have everything.

    Face B4 serum

    Next you have the serum. Packed full of vitamins B, E, B5 and A – all known to calm and soothe the skin – it is really moisturising. Unlike other spot treatments aimed at teenage skin, this serum does not irritate my skin and I can wear it as a foundation to my other moisturisers. It has helped in terms of condition and keeping on-top of those pesky pimples. The result is clearer skin and fewer dry patches.

    I’ve been trialling Face B4 for three weeks now and I have noticed a difference. Of course, my skin will never be 100 percent perfect and I know that I will still suffer from the occasional breakout but hopefully they will be less frequent.

    Now all they need to do is create a bodywash that helps with clogged up pores on my back and I will truly be in Back B4 heaven!

    What do you use to keep you skin in good condition when exercising?

    Do you have any skin conditions that are exacerbated when you sweat?

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