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  • My beauty stash: John Frieda Sheer Blonde

    My beauty stash: John Frieda Sheer Blonde

    Once a blonde, always a blonde…

    Besides a brief hiatus with the dark side (I had jet black hair for two years!), my crowning glory has always been on the lighter side. I’d like to say it’s all natural but I’m not adverse to a helping hand from a bottle or two of the lightening stuff.  And as we all know, this has a tendency to weaken hair, make it prone to brittleness and can also turn it the brassy side of yellow. If you’re not careful, dying your hair can transform locks from glossy to Wurzel Gummage-style and this is exactly what I have been faced with over the past few months.

    As you can see from these photos, I’ve had many different styles of hair. When you’re hair is constantly cut short, it’s easier to keep it in tip-top condition. But when you’ve been growing it for a particular wedding, the very tips of your barnet start to get a bashing. It’s not that I’m not careful during the process of lightening my roots, it’s sometimes difficult to apply the solution just to areas that matter. The result is blonde hair that feels drier than usual and out of condition.

    So when John Frieda asked if I wanted to bring out the blonde with their Everlasting Sheer Blonde Colour-preserving shampoo and condition, of course I said yes, yes, yes.  As a runner, who washes their hair almost every day, I go through washing product like there’s no tomorrow. And John Frieda’s special range of products for blondes seem to fit the bill. Yes, they’re slightly more expensive than your average shampoo and conditioner – around £6 a pop for a 250ml bottle – but you only need a pea-sized amount of the shampoo to create a lather in my now shoulder-length hair. I use a little more conditioner and leave it for around a minute, then comb through for tangle-free locks. My hair does feel softer after each use.

    The test for me, however, is always a few hours later as I let my hair dry naturally, often in a hair bobble as I do not like hair strands dangling around my face as I work. Can I pull my wide-toothed comb through my hair without shedding a number of fine blond hairs all over the place? Well, kind of. My hair is not back to what it was but it is feeling softer and smoother than before. After just a couple of washes, it also looks brighter and shinier than before. It breaks less frequently than before I’m no longer suffering from the dreaded frizz.

    John Frieda’s  Everlasting Sheer Blonde Colour-preserving shampoo and condition has not completely restored my locks but it’s now looking smoother and sleeker than scarecrow. I’m not quite at the ice maiden blonde stage but after a few more months of using the stuff, I’m sure I’ll recapture my shine.

    I was sent John Frieda’s Everlasting Sheer Blonde Colour products to review, all opinions and references to children’s TV characters are my own.

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