• Mon16February 2015
  • My beauty stash: Payot Eau De Soin Mineral Fragrance

    When you can grab a few moments to pamper yourself (tough as it may be), there is nothing quite like a post-moisturising treat to pick you up. Introducing one such product that I discovered in the bathroom cabinet of my mum after a tough cross-country race in Kent: Payot Eau de Soin Mineral Fragrance.

    Payot Eau de Soin

    Spray yourself with the delicate fragrance of Payot Eau de Soin

    What is Payot Eau de Soin?

    In brief, it’s a body mist (or scented water) which you apply after showering and moisturising your body. Quick to dry and apply it adds a delicate layer of floral scent to your skin.

    So it’s just a body spray then?

    Not quite – this product contains a mix of minerals (oglio-mineral complex) to replenish and rebalance the skin. It also contains birch sap which as well as being the next coconut water and hip thing to drink in 2015 has toning properties when applied to the skin. Whatever you believe, Payot Eau de Soin does leave your skin feeling softer and more supple.

    Can it replace perfume?

    Totally, the combination of rose petals, lily of the valley and vanilla is subtle but lasts all day. It would be a shame to mask with another fragrance.

    What is Payot?

    If you haven’t heard of Payot, then listen up as it’s pretty much a staple on the French beauty scene. The founder of Payot, Dr. Nadia Payot was inspired by dance to create a facial massage that encompasses 42 steps. Yes, that’s 42 steps to sculpt the face and boost the skin (and fans swear by it). She may have passed in the mid-60s of the last century but her dedication to finding natural products and innovative treatment techniques is continued by the Payot brand. Indeed, the Payot laboratories continue to harnessing the healing attributes of plants, marine extracts and minerals to treat the skin, body, mind and spirit. Payot is committed to providing tolerant products so they are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

    How much do I have to part with?

    Payot is a salon brand which means it’s at the higher end of the beauty scale. That being said, this product comes in at £28. This may seem steep for a body mist but if you compare to your usual fragrance it is actually pretty reasonable. And remember it will nourish your skin rather than dry it out.

    A fine treat?

    Well yes. If you want something lighter that will linger all day but not overpower, this scented Eau de Soin is a great purchase. Just be cautious though, once you buy one product from Payot, you’ll probably want more of this fine beauty brand.

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