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  • My beauty stash: Pulp-Friction Foaming Fruity Body Scrub

    Soap & Glory Pulp-Friction

    Soap & Glory Pulp-Friction

    It may be winter at the moment but I’m not letting the fact that I have to wrap up outside stop me from flashing the flesh when indoors. But not in the way you think. While I could normally hide under layers while running in the winter, this year’s Challenge 2014 – #Swimathon2014 means that I am spending more and more time in my swimming costume and chlorinated water. And you know what that means? Yep, those classic winter skin problems of flakiness, dryness and irritation have only intensified. This year there is no way of escaping the fact that my skin needs a bit of TLC. Step in one of my favourite scrubs for dry and flaky skin: Soap & Glory’s Pulp-Friction Foaming Fruity Body Scrub.

    Scrubber, you say?

    Packed with skin-polishing ingredients, including pumice, fig powder, peppermint oil, lemonade tree water, orange waterjuice and what the team behind Soap & Glory like to call vitaminballs (antioxidants vitamins A, C and E, all of which are beneficial for your skin), this treatment tackles those really dry patches. As an exercise junkie, I often find myself trying to incorporate ways of keeping my skin healthy that don’t take too long. I wish I had the time to luxuriate in a warm bath, then again, I kind of like cramming my day with activity. Anything that can remove the hard skin on my ungainly feet (and hands) is extremely useful. This scrub has really helped smooth my tootsies and heels without too much effort.

    Soap & Glory’s Pulp-Friction Foaming Fruity Body Scrub is also tough at removing flakiness yet gentle enough to use on my currently under-exposed legs, arms and back, I feel like this body scrub gets to grips with all my winter skin gripes.

    Despite all the benefits of using Soap & Glory’s Pulp-Friction Foaming Fruity Body Scrub on my bod, including a soft and silky finish, it’s too abrasive to use on my visage (unfortunately).

    A squeaky clean polish

    To make the most of your polish, get wet first and then apply a small smidge (about the size of an edaname bean) to your skin in circular motions. It may take slightly longer than usual shower cream but once you’ve attacked those dry and flaky areas of skin and rinsed it off, you’ll notice that your skin feels softer and squeaky clean. I use it about three times a week and this seems to have made a difference. Warning: make sure you rinse off properly. There have been times when I’ve been in meetings and discovered a splodge of pumice on my neck. It may smell divine but not what you want when presenting your findings to a room full of people.

    Smells like…

    Talking of smells, I have to say this product packs a powerful punch of fruity goodness in the fragrance department. It’s fresh and fruity but not at all sickly-sweet. Whatever they have bunged in to create the Fruitigo fragrance is the perfect balance – it makes you feel clean and confident all day long.


    As with all Soap & Glory products, this scrub falls within the mid-range price bracket (£8 RRP). That said, you do get a lot of bang for your buck. One tube lasts about four months. I have to say that this is  definitely one exfoliator worth paying for.

    How do you keep your skin feeling tip-top over the winter months? 

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