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  • My beauty stash: Sure Women Maximum Protection Deodorant

    Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant

    Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant

    Whoever thinks horses sweat, men perspire and women merely glow is a) incredibly sexist and b) has not met a woman who runs. Let’s just put it this way, as a woman who runs hard and fast, I do not expect to look like I’ve just stepped out from a salon after one of my epic training sessions. While I may be “glowing” (red-faced and wide-eyed) I’m also sweaty and, let’s just say, I wouldn’t want to be stuck under my arm pit on the tube commuting home. It was this consideration for my fellow passengers plus my poor, suffering boyfriend, who has to endure the pongy fragrance of “sueur de Becs” (sounds way better in French) when I go in for the kiss after a long run on a weekend that drove my decision to try Sure Women Maximum Protection Deodorant.

    As the name suggests, it promised Maximum Protection. No, let’s backtrack here, Sure Women Maximum Protection Deodorant “is formulated with TRIsolid innovative body responsive technology”. Translated it claims to protect from wetness and contains both odour-fighting technology and skin moisturising ingredients.

    Despite my reservations about the cream-like texture (I’m more of a fan of spray and stick) and the fact I had to apply the formula before bed to build up the level of protection (I like my arm pits to breathe at night), this deodorant did work. I didn’t feel as stinky as I normally do after a long and tough run in the morning. I can’t say that it worked for 48 hours as it suggests because I am training for a 50k and splitting my runs into two or three sessions daily, which means showers after and a hell of a lot of washing. The fragrance is fresh, non-offensive and reminds me of clean washing, which incidentally is one of my favourite smells.  You only need a smidge of the cream that comes out of the top like Plasticine a Mr Potato Head. This cream deodorant also doesn’t irritate sensitive skin after shaving, so another plus point from me, and the 45ml size means it can slip in easily to your gym bag or #runcommute rucksack, as the case may be.

    No, it’s not a glamorous product that will instantly transform stubby eyelashes to va va voom but Sure Women Maximum Protection Deodorant is designed for women who like to sweat and do not want others to suffer the consequences of their many energy-pumping endeavours.

    I was asked to review this product and all opinions here, including the one about Mr Potato Head, are my own.

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