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  • My beauty stash: Yes To Carrots Nourishing Body Wash

    My beauty stash: Yes To Carrots Nourishing Body Wash

    I was first introduced to Yes To Carrots by my Dutch friend back in 2010 and this really sparked my interest in the greener side of beauty.

    While I find the science behind the industry and think brands like Dove, Chanel and Bourjois definitely have their place in my bathroom cabinet, I have invested more and more of my time (and money) in organic/green beauty. Organic beauty has come a long way from the days when it was some gloopy combination that you wouldn’t use to feed the plants, let alone smoother on your skin.  In fact, in my former life as editor of MSN Shopping, I would wax lyrical about my favourite eco-friendly beauty finds and made sure I included this Yes To Carrots Nourishing Body Wash for several reasons.

    Not only is the product 99% natural, petroleum- and SLS- free, which means it’s fantastic for us sensitive types, the Yes To company are also committed to making sustainability a way of life. You only need to go to their website to see that Yes To are keen to put something back into the community. In the US, they’ve started a Yes To Seed Fund, which connects schools from the US and Africa by creating community gardens. The fact that they set out with this agenda, a kind of corporate responsibility, is a massive selling point in my book. As are the products, which cleverly combine selected ingredients.

    The Yes To Carrots Nourishing Body Wash mix exfoliating ground walnut shells with beta-carotene from the carrot extracts (Daucus Carota Sativa to be exact, which is said to have powerful antioxidant properties) and Shea butter feeds your skin (sorry) and smooths out dry and rough skin.

    Believe me, at this time of year when your covering every inch of your body to retain body heat, my skin turns scaly. And it’s Yes To Carrots Nourishing Body Wash to the rescue, transforming my legs from rough and ready to, well, way more presentable.

    It’s not only the properties of the ingredients that make this worth purchasing, the mixture of nuts, veg and shea butter creates a creamy, fresh smell, I guess I’d describe it as subtle, slightly sweet and refreshing.

    In terms of texture, it’s pretty thick, so you may be tempted to squirt half the bottle into the palm of your hand. But a pea-sized amount and a bit of elbow grease is all you really need to spread the creamy formula over your body. Pay particular attention to dry areas such as your elbows, knees and heels (especially at this time of the year).

    There are a bunch of other products from the Yes To Carrots range and more Yes To products – another particular fave is the gorgeous-smelling anti-aging Yes To Blueberries anti-oxidant rich SPF formulas – but the Yes To Carrots Nourishing Body Wash is the perfect introduction to a beauty company with a soul.

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