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  • My first 5k by the Dynamo Mum

    She did it! Yes, after weeks of hard training my mum ran her first ever 5k Race For Life and raised a load of dosh too. Go go go Dynamo Mum! Here are her thoughts on the race and why this could be just the beginning for #TeamDynamo.

    Team Dynamo

    Team Dynamo

    Ok Dynamo Mum, tell me about your race day outfit.

    I wore an adidas top with Dynamo Mum printed on the back – this was kindly created and sent by the adidas team to my daughter with one for her – Style Dynamo.  They read about the race on her blog and just sent the shirts. Thank you so much adidas.

    On the bottom, I went for LIJA running capris as these were a gift from my daughter and so comfortable. They also really supported my legs – honestly, I immediately noticed the difference when I started wearing these. I always like to wear a Sugoi cap to keep my hair back and sun out of my eyes and finished off with some Saucony running trainers which support my heels.

    How were you feeling before the start?

    Not too nervous – I really wanted to get to the start and get going. I was also pleased that I could start with the first section of runners as I was worried I would get caught behind the walkers.


    Mum’s first running selfie

    What did you think of the route?

    The route around Mote Park Lake was really pretty in the sunshine. The inclines weren’t too steep and early on in the race, with a few down hills to spur you on. If the inclines had been later in the race I would have found them more challenging. The route was similar to runs that I’ve been doing around recreational parks with slight inclines.

    How did you find the race overall?

    I was pleased to see the 3km and 4km marks. I was surprised at the number of runners that slowed down to walk, mostly at the inclines. Overall the race went as well as I could have hoped. There was plenty of space around runners and the pace wasn’t too challenging. The weather was ideal, no rain; not too much sunshine and a breeze.

    Tell me about the main challenges of running your first 5k

    Dynamo Mum hits the hills

    Tackling those hills – the Dynamo Mum is a natural

    To keep running for 5k. The main challenge for me was to build up from 5-minute interval runs to running for as long as 30 minutes. I have been comfortable walking 8k and 16k but running is a bit more challenging at my age.

    Is there anything you would do differently the next time?

    I think that practise makes perfect. Six weeks ago I found it hard to do interval running over 20 minutes.  I am only now just starting to feel comfortable running 5k after six weeks training.  I think that I would start training 12 weeks before, or just carry on from now.

    Will there be another outing for Team Dynamo?

    I hope so. Not sure that I have the running bug (boo, come on Dynamo Mum), but I did get a buzz from training and reaching the 5k goal. I really want to go further and faster!

    Bling bling

    Mum’s first bit of bling

    What tips would you give to someone running their first 5k race?

    • Plan running into some of your routine journeys i.e. run to the gym
    • Start training well ahead of the race
    • Walk 5k to gauge the distance
    • Start interval training jogging-running –sprinting three times a week and gradually build the time you run over several weeks. The six week training plan from Race for Life is a good basis.
    • Challenge yourself with some inclines
    • Get a PT or coach to help you with you running technique
    • Make sure you have comfortable gear, especially shoes. Special gear also gives you a boost.
    • Don’t expect too much of yourself, if you need a breather have one!
    • Get friends and family to give you support and sponsorship-then there’s no backing out
    Well done Dynamo Mum

    Well done Dynamo Mum

    Special thanks

    Thank you to the amazing Style Dynamo (blush) for all her encouragement and who made this goal possible – she drummed up so much support; family and friends who supported and sponsored me (an incredible £150 for Cancer Research) and the adidas team who surprised and boosted the Team Dynamo with such thoughtful and delightful t-shirts.

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