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  • My first Tri at the Urban Tri

    In case you hadn’t of noticed fitness is hot stuff. From new studios and running clubs to festivals and events, it’s quite easy to get carried away with it all and fill every single waking hour (when you can) with something activity-related.

    Working it

    Working it

    As someone who often falls into the trap of I want to try everything / how can I get away with doing something active while not neglecting other important things such as my marriage, work, friends, etc, I have to be selective about how I spend my time. And one way to do this is to lump a range of activity together to get as much hit in a morning as possible.

    Enter the Urban Tri

    Put together by the people behind Balance Festival, the Urban Tri looked promising on paper. Starting with a HIIT class led by the very hip (and lovely) Shona Vertue to get you going, your group would then run around 5K en masse to finish with a half hour session at BOOM Cycle Holburn. Strength work? Tick. Endurance? Kinda tick. Fun? Tick with gold star.

    But did the Urban Tri live up to the job? Read on to find out.

    HIIT with Shona Vertue

    Having arrived on a rather grey and cold Saturday at Regent’s Park Track, we quickly set to work on a range of different exercises to warm us up including squats with bands to warm up our glutes (something I’m keen to get to grips with as these are my weakest link). After around 5-10 minutes of these dynamic moves, we then got down to the nitty-gritty. Yep, the real reason we were there – for the HIIT (or High Intensity Interval Training).

    We’re talking split lunges, mountain climbers, burpees, press-ups etc…The type of exercises that seem easy for the first 3 seconds, and then become progressively more difficult and tiring. And that’s why you often need a trainer to keep you motivated up until the end.

    It was a session well done and the group certainly shed some layers of clothing during the 40-ish or so minutes.

    Run with Track Mafia

    Next came the 5K run from Regent’s Park to BOOM Cycle in Holburn. Now I apologise but the group was simply running at too slow a pace for me. I’m not exactly a speedy Gonzales, especially when carrying my rucksack as I was on that Saturday. BUT, and here it comes, I had to break away from the group with a fellow runner of an equal pace to mine. It’s a difficult one to judge but sometimes it’s easier and probably better for you to run at a more natural pace. I also knew exactly where to go as BOOM Cycle is a favourite of mine.  So we meandered our way through the tourists heading towards the British Museum down to BOOM Cycle for a half hour class.

    BOOM Cycle class

    And to round off the day, we got in a spin on the bikes at BOOM Cycle. As always, it was an adrenaline-pumped ride to the beat of the music. Which I LOVE. And included moves such as the “wayback”. I’ve not been to BOOM for a while and this class reminded me what I’ve missed, mainly the enthusiasm of the excellent instructors who really make the time fly by. By the time the half hour was over, I was a sweaty but happy mess.

    The verdict

    Urban Tri works if you’re short on time and want an all-over body workout. The HIIT class and BOOM cycle were a better experience for me because I don’t really like to hang back when running. Then again, it shows that Urban Tri is suitable for most levels and is a great way to spend 2 hours of your day. The treats at the end – Rebel Kitchen dessert and raw coconut water – were also a very nice touch.

    To find out more about Urban Triathlons and more Tri Training camps, visit the Balance Festival website.

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