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  • My (running) Christmas wish list

    With less than three weeks to go until Crimbo, I thought I’d share a few items on my running wish list in case anyone (mum) reading is a little stuck. From stink-free tops to socks, here is my (running) Christmas wish list for 2013.

    Clockwise from left, Freya, Nike, Sweaty Betty, Under Armour, Balega, Ashmei, adidas

    Clockwise from left, Freya, Nike, Sweaty Betty, Under Armour, Balega, Ashmei, adidas

    1. Freya Active Sports Top, £56

    Ever since I discovered this  Freya Active Sports top back in September, I’ve been itching to get my hands on one. Not only does this racerback vest come with a built-in wired-up brassiere to support my assets, it also wicks the sweat away and, wait for it, “stays odour-free for its lifetime”. This, my running friends, is music to my ears. Sportswear that doesn’t smell after you’ve sweated to the max while wearing it. No more having to stand 10 feet away from my boyfriend after a long run because, according to the blessed one, “I stink”. Hurrah for Freya for inventing this sportswear gem.

    2. Nike Shield Flash running jacket, £240

    Now I did say this is a wish list and in a dream world, I would absolutely love to be handed this £240 Nike Shield Flash running jacket as a present but realistically, that’s just not going to happen. It does, however, look pretty awesome and comes with a bunch of features, including wind and water resistance. What’s more, The Nike Shield Flash running jacket is made from some glass-beaded exterior. Essentially, this means that the grey bits are reflective. There’s a whole lot of grey going on, so you can imagine what it’s like to wear this outside on a dark evening. I may not get my hands on one of these but H&M do a similar style at around an eighth of the price, which I could settle for (hint, hint).

    3. Sweaty Betty Quick Dry Flex Long Sleeve Run Top, £60

    When it comes to keeping warm and staying cool, this little number from Sweaty Betty seems to fit the bill quite nicely. Made from sweat-wicking fabric, I’ll stay dry throughout my run plus benefit from the long sleeves and flattering design. This run top also includes reflective tape so again I can be seen at night and thumb-holes for those chilly evenings. In terms of longer tops for training at the moment, this one combines function and fashion.

    4. Under Armour compression leggings, £38

    If you hadn’t of noticed, there’s definitely a theme going on with this Christmas wish list – essentially I need kit to keep me warm. Under Armour is a brand often bandied about in the Blogosphere, mainly because their sportswear is apparently so darn good. I’d love to try a pair of these babies. Not only are they compression tights (meant to enhance your performance by increasing blood flow etc to your muscles), these leggings are also dual-layer to keep you extra toasty and prevent the dreaded VPL or visible panties full-stop.

    5. Barrecore membership, £2,800

    I went. I tried. I woke up muscles I hadn’t felt in yonks. My first two (and only) lessons at the hip new class Barrecore were a revelation and worked those muscles, which I, as a runner, tend to ignore. I may have been shaking during the class as the moves went deep and really challenged my body but afterwards I felt stretched, reinvigorated and ready to face the world.  I would love to sign up for a Barrecore but at £28 a class, it’s a bit steep for me. I already pay a monthly fee for my gym, which unfortunately does not offer anything close to the awesome sessions at Barrecore. Now, I’m not asking for an annual membership but there are other offers available, which can be found here.

    6. Adidas Adizero Boost trainers, from £99

    When it comes to sports kit, you cannot beat a decent pair of trainers and these Adidas Adizero Boosts have definitely become my ones to try next. I first saw them at adidas spring/summer 2014 press day and have become besotted ever since. Not only are they as light as a feather (well almost), they also feature the BOOST technology, which I translate as gives you bounce, and grip made from Continental tire material. I’m due a new pair of running shoes, maybe Santa could help.

    7. Aehmei running gloves, £30

    I want these running gloves for both running and cycling as it’s always my hands that seem to suffer during the cold, winter months. Crafted from the Merino wool, a natural fibre that wicks away the sweat and helps regulate your body temperature, I will not need to worry about becoming too warm (it does happen even on bitter days). They also have touch screen fingertips, so I don’t have to take them off when switching between tunes on my iPod or making a call. Admittedly, I have a habit of losing one glove but if someone invested in these, I will treasure them.

    8. The Annual 2014 – Ministry of Sound, from £10

    Every year without fail, I receive a running music-related gift. I love it as I rarely buy music these days and it’s something new for me to whack on my iPod. This year I think I’ll go down the classic Ministry road and ask for The Annual 2014. There are a few artists on there who I recognise but even if I don’t know them by name, at least I can be down with the kids, pump up my runs and know the words on those occasions when I let my hair down on the dance floor.

    9. Balega socks, from £9

    Yes, I really do want a pair of socks for Christmas. And there not just any socks but ultra-cushioned, ultra-comfy and ultra-supportive socks specifically designed for sporty types. Once you’ve tried an awesome pair of running socks, it’s very hard to go back to the days when you simply selected the first pair in your sock drawer, irrespective of whether they matched or not. I recently received a pair of  Balega socks, courtesy of Cat Simpson, and I have to say, they are now top of my sock charts. At £9 a pop, they’re not too expensive and they would be gratefully received.

    10. A year’s supply of sports massages with Gareth

    If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt this year, it’s to get a regular sports massage. Regular running does make your muscles tight, there’s no doubt about that. And no matter how much I try and stretch (never enough), the only way to reduce the build up of tension in my muscles is to see a professional. Gareth, of A2Z Elite Health is my go-to for tight muscles, niggles and advice about training. He’s an expert in his field and I’d really benefit from a massage a month next year to loosen up and help me reach my peak.

    What is on your running wish list for next year? I’d be interested if you have any other suggestions about socks, running tops and more…Feel free to comment below.

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