• Fri10October 2014
  • Oats + Chia on World Porridge Day

    Porridge has come a long way since my student days when it consisted of a bowl of gloop with a consistency to rival wallpaper paste and that’s even before you dared to taste it. Yes, porridge was something I actively avoided. That was until I became a runner. And as all runners know, porridge is a staple fuel pre-race. You can almost tell who the runners are when staying at a hotel before a marathon. If they’re not shovelling down a bowl of hot porridge perhaps followed by scrambled eggs, they’ll probably whiff a bit of Deep Heat or Tiger Balm).

    As a source of slow-releasing energy, the oaty goodness of porridge makes it perfect for keeping your energy on an even playing field. It certainly helped warm me up before my final lap of the Spitfire Scramble. But I’m the first to admit, it’s not the most exciting  of foods. Or so I thought.


    Oats so good (no, my kitchen does not look like this) (c) The Chia Co

    You know how I love my Chia seeds,  well The Chia Co have combined the health benefits of Chia with Oats to create a breakfast or snack (why not?) that is tasty. What’s more, each serving contains 5g of fibre, Omega-3, protein and antioxidants. And you don’t even need a microwave or hob to make it up. So it’s perfect for even the laziest of chefs, active adventurers or when you only have access to a kettle at work.

    Available in three flavours – Apple Spice, Banana & Mango and Mixed Berry – each of which are mixed with coconut oil, they’re world’s apart from the usual sickly-sweet instant porridge mixes on offer in supermarkets. The downside is that you can only find them at Ocado and at £5 for 5 sachets, it’s worth stocking up for the winter.

    As today is World Porridge Day, it’s a reminder that winter is on its way. Thanks World Porridge Day people. (In fact, World Porridge Day is an awesome campaign to help feed some of the most impoverished children around the world. A worthy cause so take a glance at the World Porridge Day website.) Those early mornings in the darkness, training in the cold for a marathon may become a bit of a drag, so it’s always good to have something tasty and warm to look forward to. Now you can, with Oats + Chia.

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