• Mon23March 2015
  • Packing for Marathon des Sable 2015 (Mandatory stuff)

    In the next 10 days I need to pack this:

    Marathon des Sables packing

    Marathon des Sables packing

    Into this:

    Omm bag and furry slippers

    OMM adventure light 20L bag (and furry slippers – not being packed)

    Ha ha ha ha (nervous titter)….

    It’s not as bad as it looks as I’ll be ditching some of the boxes and decanting various lotions and potions into 10ml bottles that I’ve pilfered from various hotels over the years.

    In terms of food, I’ve managed to get the weight down to 3.6kg and have also added a secret weapon Itsu seaweed thins – they may not be high in calories but they deliver in terms of salt and protein.

    As for the mandatory kit list (in no particular order):

    – Mountain Hardwear Phantom Sleeping bag 480g (as modelled below)

    MdS preparation

    MdS preparation – this is at my parent’s house

    – LED Lenser Neo Headlamp – 56g + 3 AAA batteries – 22.8g

    – Hiking compass – 50g (know it’s heavy but it’s donated by the boyf’)

    – Lighter – 6g

    – Whistle – part of bag

    – Victorinox Swiss Card – includes pocket knife – 26g

    – Disinfectant gel – 15g

    – Signalling mirror –  Bushcraft BCB Mayday Signalling Mirror (Compact) – 18g

    – The Extractor pump – 91g

    – Aluminium sheet – 10g

    – Sunglasses (two pairs) – 50g

    – Hypafix tape – 15g

    – Sudocrem x 2 – 10g

    – Nurofen x 16 – 4g

    – Imodium x 18 – 32mg

    – Diorhlyte x 10 – 35g

    – Boots Ibuprofen Max gel – 30g

    – P20 SPF50 – decant down to 50g

    That makes a total of around 4.5kg give or take a few grams. I’m still deciding whether to take dehydrated wet wipes from various Chinese restaurants, an overall, foil to help cook on my Esbit stove and more food. Then there’s all my added essentials such as Zero tablets (4g each), a plastic fork, half a toothbrush and toothpaste, mini titanium pot for cooking with, Shewee, bodyglide, contact lenses and potentially a spare change of clothes (or knickers at least). I only have 10 days left to decide. Wish me luck.

    If you have taken part in the Marathon des Sables or any multistage race and had the chance to do it again, what one thing would you take?

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